Thursday, June 24, 2010

"More" new word (s)

Yesterday Haven learned how to say "more"!!  I really love useful words!!  We were grocery shopping and she was hungry so I grabbed some snacks and was feeding them to her as we shopped.  She would whine every time she finished one and wanted another.  So every time I'd say "More?  More please?" and give her one.   Then one time I wasn't paying attention and tuned out her whining while I was focused on something else so then she starts saying "More!  More!" and continued to say the word whenever she wanted one throughout the rest of the store!  ♥

And Jason says she said "ick" yesterday as well.  We refer to crumbs and dirt and whatever on the floor (one of Haven's favorite things! lol) as "icks".  Jason said she pointed at one, said "ICK!" with a huge smile on her face, looked over at Jason and then quick tried to put it in her mouth, hahaha!

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