Thursday, June 24, 2010

Oh my, TEETH!!!!

So I took Jason to the dentist today (he has been in some SERIOUS pain for the past 24+ hours) and was joking around and said, "Okay Haven, let's look in your mouth and see if you have any new teeth!"  And when I looked I saw a tiny little sore in the top of her gums, I was a little concerned but figured I'd just ask her doctor about it at her checkup next week.  When I got home, I took her in the bathroom for better lighting and looked again!  And saw that ALL 4 TOP TEETH are coming in!!  Three are really swollen and 1 (though weirdly, one of the outer of the bunch) has a hole and is getting ready to pop through!

Venily only had 4 teeth at 1 year, haha!

And I've been on my online baby community again lately for babies born around the same time as Haven (I used to LOVE going on there while pregnant, but haven't been on in a LONG time) and forgot how addicting it can be, lol!  Anyway, there are babies that already have 8 teeth!  HAHA!  Wow! :)


  1. I can feel a little sharp tooth on Adalein's top as well. Only 1 though.

  2. Yeah, I can only feel one as well, but when I look in there I can see the other 3 coming. I tipped her upside down to see them, lol! She's thinks it's funny!