Wednesday, June 30, 2010

9 month doctor appointment and MORE walking updates! :)

Haven's 9 month well check went great!!!  The doctor was blown away by all the things she can do!  Haven's measurements were: WEIGHT: 21lbs, 0oz (85th%ile),  LENGTH: 30.5in (97+%ile), and Head Circumference: 46.5cm (97+%ile).  Her weight is plateauing (she has only gained 2oz in 2m) and her length keeps going up!

The doctor couldn't believe that Haven was walking and was like "WOW!  I was not expecting that!  That's REALLY early!" and was even more impressed when we told her that Haven took 47 steps in a row yesterday!  (Jason told me I need to stop counting, lol)

She was also impressed with all of the words that she knows and said that she is "very verbal".  Which is great because I think that kids that are verbal get frustrated less as they get older because they are able to communicate their wants better!

And the doctor was happy that Haven is on mostly table foods now and not having any texture or gagging problems!  She said I could pretty much feed her anything I want now except for egg whites and honey (which I already knew).  I asked her about vitamins and she said I should buy the Poli-vi-sol w/out iron b/c the iron can lead to constipation issues (and we don't want to go down that road again!).  Also, she wants me giving BOTH girls daily Vitamin D supplements (and gave me some samples) because the research shows that it helps with cardiovascular health as adults and that we do not get enough sun in Wisconsin, she said Jason and I should be taking it too.  I had a different doctor with Venily for her 1st 10 months and he had told me that she didn't need them.  I am happy that this doctor says to give it to them! :)

I also told her about how Haven needs to be nursed to sleep now and asked what we should do about it.  I was SOOOOO happy that Jason was in the room with us so he could hear it for himself!  First of all, she talked about how hard it was with her 4 kids and how she HATED to hear them cry.  Then she told me to set up a bedtime routine and stick to it (we have one, but I am going to revise it and make it more concrete).  Then she wants me to put her in her bed tired, but awake and let her cry for 5 minutes.  Go back in and reassure her that we didn't abandon her and tell her everything is okay, etc.  Then leave for 7 minutes.  Go back in and lay her down, touch her back and shush her, but don't talk to her.  Then 10 min... and 12 min, etc. until she falls asleep!  She said it's going to really hard for like 3 or 4 days, but eventually it'll get easier!  I of course knew I was supposed to do this, but hearing it from the doctor will help make it easier on me!!!  So.... starting tonight we are officially sleep training!!!!

Haven didn't need any shots this time, YAY!  And goes back for her next well check at 1 year.  Her appointment is on Sept 28th and she will need shots at that time.

And walking update:

Yesterday Haven started walking everywhere like CRAZY!!!  Yay!  I'd say she's up to about 50% of the time walking, 50% crawling.  I counted one time and she walked 47 steps in a row! :)  She is getting better at turns as well.  I wish she'd stop climbing up on things though, she is wanting a trip to the emergency room!!!  Yesterday she climbed up on top of her chair and then up on TOP of her activity table and she climbed up on top of Venily's stool and up on top of the couch again!!!  I have to keep my eye on that one! :)

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