Friday, June 25, 2010

Birthday Party Updates!

Party is tentatively scheduled for Sunday, October 3rd and will be a combo party for both girls.  I figured this gives us 3 days to celebrate!  On Haven's actual birthday, the party, and then on Venily's actual birthday! :)  We'll have a whole month of celebrating! :)

Not sure where it will be.  Last year it was a tight fit having so many people in our small house (plus it's looking like our yard will STILL not be done!), but that may be our only option!

And here is the cakes the girls picked for Grandma to make them!  ♥
For Venily's 2nd birthday she picked out a castle cake and LITERALLY talked about it for months and months beforehand... and continued to talk about how awesome it was months and months after, lol! :)


(Oh course it had to be a duck! lol)


(Though I'm sure she's going to want the dress to be BLUE! haha!  Venily literally wanted every single cake we showed her and each new picture we showed her was the new one she wanted, lol.  Sooooo.... we ended on this one and that was the one she wanted!  She's really excited that she gets to keep the Barbie when the cake is done!)

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