Tuesday, June 15, 2010

St Charles, IL Weekend

We spent the last 5 days, 4 nights in St Charles, IL while Jason worked doing sound at RiverFest!!  It was a lot of fun.  The company paid for us to have a hotel!  Jason has a few more festivals over the summer that we might be able to stay with him at as well, so we might just get a taste of that "traveling family" lifestyle this summer, lol!  I love the break from the constant cleaning, dishes, & laundry at our house!

The weather was great most of the time, warm but not too hot. It only rained some of the time while we were outside, poor Jason had to work quite a bit in the rain though!  We got to swim a lot in the pools, play at the park, go for walks, go to the festival there and see Daddy working, etc.!  I like getting the girls out of our area sometimes, I want them to be able to adapt easily to new situations and environments!   Both girls did well.  Venily usually fights anything that isn't routine, but I was able to get her to nap and go to bed fairly well (though she moved her bedtime to much later than usual).  She has been driving me CRAZY lately with her 2 year old sassiness, so it was nice to get her out of that steak for a bit.  She'd act up every time she was tired or hungry, but overall did pretty good!  Haven, as usual, just went with the flow (though we did have one rough night where she was up every hour again, I think it's her teeth!), she loves looking at new scenery and will sleep and eat pretty much anywhere, which is nice! :)

It's funny how a change of scenery can bring about so many new changes, or maybe it's just the fact that Haven is literally changing and learning new things every single day! 

I learned over the weekend that Haven's perceived "shyness" was actually just her playing! :)  She's so fun!  And don't worry about Haven in these videos, lol, Venily isn't always super gentle, but Haven is a tough girl and gets her back WAY worse by pulling her hair all the time! haha

Oh, and giving mouth kisses?  Now Haven's favorite thing ever!  I just say "Give Mama a kiss" and she does!  Big, sloppy open-mouthed ones, I love it!  Look out boys!  She'll even give Daddy's scruffily mouth a kiss!  :)

I have confirmed another word that Haven says as well.  I thought she had been saying it for a while, but wasn't positive.  She says "That!" while pointing at things, though it sounds more like "Dat!  Dat!"  :)  I'm not entirely sure if she wants to have "that", wants me to look at "that," or if she wants me to tell her what "that" is, lol, but it's really cute!

Haven also learned how to get down from the standing position finally!  I'm really glad, since she's always standing- she'll even pull herself up on the wall now to stand!  The only problem is that now while she's holding onto something and I'm sitting by her and I tell her to come to me, instead of taking steps to get to me sometimes she'll get down, and crawl the few feet away that I am and then pull herself back up, haha.

Overall, we had a lot of fun on our "vacation to nowhere"!  And I'll take it, since we can't afford a "real" vacation, though we did miss Jason since he had to work most of the time! :)  Some day we'll have a real vacation...

Unfortunately, I think we brought home some sickness with us!  Haven and I aren't feeling so well.  My throat hurts and Haven is clingy and keeps getting really sweaty even when it's not hot (I keep checking her temp though, and it's normal).  I was super germaphobic at first and tried to get Haven to only stay on sheets that I laid on the ground and not touch anything in the room, but that lasted all of a couple of minutes, lol!  She can't be restrained! :)

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