Saturday, January 9, 2010

A Day in the Life of Haven Araya!

(At 3.5 months old)
Man, it's a lot of work to keep track of all of this stuff! :)  I wrote Haven's schedule down for the day since it's been 5 weeks since the last time I did it!

7:05 pm-1:05 am - SLEEP! (6 hours) 
  • fed
1:15 am-4:15 am - SLEEP! (3 hours)

  • changed diaper (wet)
  • fed (I wanted to try CIO, but Jason got home from work at 3am and wanted to sleep!)
4:30 am-7:05 am - SLEEP! (2 hours 35min) 
7:05 am - Woke up
  • fed her
7:15 am - PLAY TIME! 

8:30 am - changed diaper (wet)/ played
8:50 am - changed diaper (BM)
8:55 am - Fed
    9:05 am- 9:50am - SLEEP! (45 min)
    10:05 am - Fed/ Played

    10:55 am - Changed diaper (Wet)

    10:55 am- 1:00pm - Out of house! (awake/asleep in carseat) (about 1 hour sleep?)

    • 12:05- changed diaper (BM)
    1:00 pm- 1:50 - SLEEP at home!(50 min)

      1:50 pm - Woke up! Played

      2:10 pm - Fed/ Played

      2:45 pm - changed diaper (BM)/ Played

      4:10 pm- 4:50pm - SLEEP (40 min)

      5:05 pm -Fed/ Played

      5:40 pm - Fed
      5:50 pm - changed diaper (both)/ Played

      6:55 pm - Fed
      7:05 pm - Sleep!

      I am not enjoying this 'waking twice a night' stuff!  I'm not sure what to do!  I know I'm not supposed to feed her, but I just keep thinking "what if she's hungry"?!  She can obviously go through the night without eating b/c she did it for WEEKS and WEEKS (and still does every couple of days), but I always end up giving in so I can go back to sleep!!  I'm afraid that I'm going to fail sleep training again, haha!  I'm going to ask her doctor about in on the 26th at her 4 month appointment!

      I felt that today was pretty typical... she took a lot of shorter naps today though, I feel like usually she combines a lot of those (which I prefer)!  A lot of times her spitting up wakes her up from her nap! :(

      Which means that in 24 hours...
      * She slept for 14hrs, 50 min!!
      * I changed 7 diapers (3 wet, 3 BM, and 1 both)!
      * I fed her 9 times

      * And I didn't count how many times she spit up!  Probably about 10 times or so!  It's so much a part of my life it barely phases me anymore, haha!

      This was her 24 hr stats 5 weeks ago:
      * She slept for 16hrs, 10 min!!
      * I changed 8 diapers (4 wet, 2 BM, and 2 both)!
      * I fed her 11 times! (she usually only takes one side at a time, only a few times of those did she take both sides)
      * And she only spit up twice!! Both times while laying in her bassinet and both times after not burping well after a feeding!! :)

      I'm actually kind of surprised at how similar these two are!  But she is sleeping a little less, getting changed a little less, and eating a little less, so I guess that's good! :)

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