Sunday, January 3, 2010

My Little Haven-Lily!

Officially fits in 12m Gerber sleepers and has been wearing them the last couple of nights!  She has a bunch of 6 month ones and I knew they were getting way too small, so I tried the 12m ones, and they fit perfectly! :(  She is wearing some other 9m and 12m clothes now as well... and she is only 3 months old!!!  I feel like I am CONSTANTLY going through all of her clothes and taking everything out that doesn't fit any more!

In other Haven news, the last 4 nights in a row she has no longer been sleeping her usual 11+ hours straight!  It is now more like 8 hours, wake to eat and then sleep for another 4 or so!  I know it's nothing to complain about, but I was really getting used to the 11+ hours, haha.  I think she is going through a growth spurt!  I've been pumping the last couple of nights right before I go to bed and I'm not getting nearly as much as I used to!  I think her waking to eat is probably to increase my supply, I'm hoping the pumping will help as well!


  1. I hope your your sake she doesnt do the same thing Landen did and sleep perfect and all night every night for the first 5 months and then wake up every night at least 2 times a night after that. I got so spoiled. Even thought all I had to do what bring him in bed with me it still sucked having to wake up.

  2. Sage has been doing the same thing - some nights sleeping 10-12 hours, and some nights only sleeping for 8-9, eating, then going right back to sleep.
    I can't believe Haven is in such big clothes!! Sage is in all 3-6 month stuff. But you and your husband both look tall, so I am sure both your girls will be tall too! :)

  3. I was thinking the same thing about Landen! I remembered that he slept really good and then all of a sudden not so good! Haven still sleeps WAY better than Venily ever did though, so that's good!

    Right now Haven is doing the same thing as Sage, some nights sleeping really well and some nights sleeping for 8-9 and going back to sleep! And, yes, Haven is a BIG girl, haha! I was comparing her to the other babies at Storytime yesterday and she honestly looks like a GIANT!! LOL!