Monday, January 25, 2010

I'm so proud of her!

My little Venily is growing into such a big girl!!  She still amazes me each and every day!

  • She can recognize almost all of her capital letters now and knows at least one word that starts with each letter and some of the sounds that the letters make!  We are going to start with lowercase soon!
  • She says "May I have a piece of gum, please Mommy?" (or insert any other request).  Every time she wants something!  You can't refuse her when she's so polite and she says it in the sweetest little voice ever... you just can't!!  She always says thank you for even the smallest little things as well, I love it!  And she gets so excited for anyone else when they do something good.  Like today at lunch I was eating and finished my peaches... and she goes "GREAT JOB, Mom!!!  Wow, you ate all your peaches!  You're AMAZING!!!".  I got the same response after I finished each other thing on my plate as well! :)
  • And look at this coloring she did today!!  She's getting really good at staying in the lines! :)  (She did all the blue, I did the purple)

Yep, I love that girl!

**Haven will be 4 months old tomorrow and has her 4 month well check and shots tomorrow morning!  I'll have her 4 month update after we get back! :)

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