Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haven is 4 Months Old!!

Haven's 4 month well check went great today!  She is very healthy and the doctor and nurse were laughing at her growth charts, lol!  Her weight and head circumference are still high, but they are starting to taper off a bit, but her height is continuing to skyrocket! :)  She is able to do everything she is supposed to, plus way more!  And the doctor gave me the green light to start her on rice cereal, but I don't have to until she is 6 months old.  I want to start today though, we'll see how she likes it!!  The doctor didn't see any indications of teeth coming soon, so hopefully we get to hold off on that, Venily didn't get her first tooth until she was almost 8 months, so I'm hoping Haven doesn't either!  She had 3 immunizations today and just cried for a second and was all better once I picked her up!  Next appointment is at 6 months.

Here are her 4 month stats:

Weight: 16lbs, 4oz

Length: 27 inches
Head Circumference: 41.5 centimeters

(Venily was 15lbs, 4oz and 25.5 in)

Clothes size: mostly 9m & 12m (I squeeze her into a couple 6-9m things as well!)

Diaper size: 2 

Shoe size: 2 (I think... not that I ever put her in her millions of pairs of shoes!)

SLEEPING: 9-11.5 straight hours a night!  We had a few weeks of waking 1 and sometimes 2 times a night and now she is back to sleeping 11+ hours straight again! :)  She gets soooo tired in the evening though!  Sometimes she goes to bed for the night at 5:30pm, so I try to keep her up as long as I can!  Even then though she usually wakes to eat around 5:00am and then goes right back to sleep for me!  She takes 2-3 really good naps most days!  And she is still putting herself to sleep which is my FAVORITE thing ever!  Haven and I both like sleep, which is awesome!  Venily STILL would rather play than sleep anyday!

EATING: Still exclusively breastfeeding!  We started trying a sippy cup this last week too!  We have one sippy cup session a day... she only takes about an ounce from it.  She likes it and can latch on and get it going good, but a lot more comes out at a time than she's used to, so she has to take a lot of breaks to breath and then latches back on, haha.

WE GET TO START RICE CEREAL TODAY!!!  I'm so excited!!  And I have 8 different baby food to start trying after her cereals! :)  I'm looking forward to firmer (though not as nice smelling) diapers... maybe we won't have so many blowout diapers, lol!  I am NOT looking forward to colored spit up though, I'm going to have to wear a poncho and cover my house in sheets to keep everything from getting stained! :(

PLAYING: Her favorite toys are anything she can grab onto and put into her mouth!  She LOVES her carseat mobile, her rattles, and teething rings and her excersaucer.  She also could play with Venily for HOURS!!  She loves her so, so much! ♥  She loves splashing in the bath and rolling around on the floor with her toys!

I'm really impressed with how content she is solo playing as well!  Sometimes I put her on the ground with a few toys and forget she's there b/c she just plays there happily until I or Venily come play with her!!  She's such a laid-back, content baby!  It definitely makes being a mom of 2 very easy!  I can help Venily out with stuff and Haven just patiently waits her turn!  You have to love her!! :)

APPEARANCE: Still has very blue eyes and very little hair! She is chunky, but VERY long as well!!! :)

SPEECH:  She talks A LOT, just like Venily did.  She is always telling some kind of story.  She does a lot of vowel sounds, her "monster" voice, and loves to squeal and laugh!  The only real consonant she does is "g".  I can't wait until she gets her "b's" and "d's".  And of course I can't wait for "m's"!!

MOVEMENT: She rolls from her back to her stomach (though not as much as she was doing it).  I still haven't gotten it on video.  I have some cute videos of her trying really hard, but I can't seem to get my videos on photobucket anymore to put up on here!  She hasn't rolled from her stomach to her back yet though (which is funny b/c that's the easier one to do, the doctor says that usually means that she'll be rolling to get to places before she starts crawling).  She also spins in circles and schooches around a lot!


Haven's LIKES:
* Daddy (she cracks up if he even so much as looks at her and she follows him with her eyes as he walks around the room!)  I knew she wouldn't be a Mommy's girl for long!  Though she still does love me and Venily as well!

* Story time, Music & Me, and her playgroup!  She loves getting out of the house and seeing other people and kids!!  She's definitely a people-watcher!

* Reading books!  When I read books to Venily for her nap and bedtime (if she can stay up that late!) Haven always tries to outread me!  I love it, she loves to talk!!!  She talks over me the whole time, I really want to get it on video! :)

* LOVES her saucer too!


* Being tired!  You can definitely tell when she's tired!

HAVEN/ VENILY COMPARISON: (Venily at 4 months)

    Pics: Venily at 4 months!  I can still see a lot of similarities, but a lot of differences too!  The biggest difference is head shape.  I think Haven's head shape is much more similar to mine and Venily's is a lot more like Jason's.

    WE HAVE A SUPER HUGE SURPRISE TOMORROW!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I have literally been dancing around my house the last 2 days because I'm so excited!!  I'm really hoping I can sleep tonight.  I'm not even joking! :)  I'll share it with everyone tomorrow, so check back!!!!!  :)

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