Saturday, January 9, 2010

Haven is 3 1/2 months old!!

She is such a BIG girl!!  I had to go through her stuff AGAIN and take out a lot of her 6-9m stuff that was way too small (like several inches short on the arms and legs!!!) and add in a lot of 12m stuff that she fits perfectly in!  (though I'm definitely remembering that different brands mean very different things!  Gerber, Children's Place, Disney and some others she's officially in 12m though!)!  I actually feel RELIEF when I put her into something that's a little big on her, LOL!

Our perfect plans to have another fall daughter so that all of our clothes fit the same seasons isn't working out as well as planned, lol!  But luckily for her we have a LOT of clothes and she is not having any problems finding any to wear!  :)

She ABSOLUTELY loves to be on the floor right now!  And LOVES to roll back and forth from side to side all the time and sometimes go over!  Venily didn't roll over until much later!  I'm afraid that she's going to want to be on the move ASAP!  She is always turning around in circles while laying down and I find her in the craziest positions when I go to get her when she wakes up from naps!!

She LOVES toys and is grabbing like crazy at all her toys and of course bringing everything right into her mouth!!  She is always biting something!  She bites on my fingers sometimes and it HURTS!! haha!  I love it when she crams 8-9 of her fingers in her mouth all at once! :)

Sleeping at night is hit or miss now!  Sometimes 11+ hours, sometimes waking up 1-2 times a night to eat!  She went so many weeks with sleeping so long through the night, I thought for sure she'd keep doing it, but I guess not!  She ALWAYS wakes up the happiest little thing in the world though!  I can not think of any other way I'd like to wake up than seeing her gorgeous little face and permanent giant, gummy smile!!  It's contagious!! :)  I always think that her cheeks must hurt from smiling so hugely for so long, but gosh how I love it! :)

I bought her cereals and food to start when she hits 4 months!  We're excited!!!  She goes crazy for her flavored Tylenol and I let her lick my apple the other day and she went NUTS, haha!  She also opens and closes her mouth when she sees us eating, so I know she's definitely ready!  I can't wait... just a little over 2 weeks left!

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