Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Every time...

I leave the room with Haven on the floor on her back.... I come back to her on her stomach (and usually facing the opposite direction from turning around so much)!!! :)

But every time I try to get it on tape, she won't do it!  She'll come soooo close, but not go all the way over!  I will have a video to post soon though! :)

And Haven had her first Music & Me class today (well at least the first one OUT of the womb!)!  I figured she'd just sit there, but she had as much fun, if not MORE fun than Venily, haha!  She was cracking up the whole time and LOVED, LOVED, LOVED the musical instruments!  She really enjoyed story time yesterday as well!  She was telling her own stories while Mrs. Joy was telling hers, lol!  It was so cute!!!  I'm thinking about bringing both of the girls to a playgroup tomorrow (if I can get Jason to let me go!)! :)

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