Monday, November 9, 2009

Zoo and Bottle

Haven went on her first trip to the zoo on Sunday! She slept the WHOLE time in her carrier! :)

She also drank her first bottle of pumped breast milk today!! AND she ACTUALLY drank it right up! I am so happy! Venily never really got the whole bottle thing. She maybe took a bottle 5 times in her whole first year of life! I don't think Haven is going to have that problem! It will be nice to be able to bring a bottle with when we all go out so I can feed her in the van without us having to pull over! And now I'll definitely be able to see New Moon! If my Mom can't watch her I might make Jason stay at home with the girls, lol! It would be the first time I'd ever been away from Haven! :(

I was supposed to have my 6 week postpartum appointment today but my doctor had to deliver a baby and I had to reschedule it for Friday. We went on a hike instead in the trails at Williams Bay!! I LOVE this weather, I hope it stays this way, I do NOT look forward to winter!!!

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