Friday, November 13, 2009

Haven is 7 weeks!!

Haven is still sleeping great!! Every single night she sleeps for a 6-6.5 hour stretch, wakes up the happiest, smiliest little girl in the whole world, I change her and feed her, and she sleeps for 3 more hours! Then I usually change her and feed her again and she sleeps for another 3 hours! If Venily didn't wake up so darn much I'd be able to sleep in every day, but that's not the case!

I'm counting down the days until her next dr appt on Dec. 3rd. I'd REALLY like her to try some reflux medication! She's got tons of reflux symptoms and still absolutely hates laying on her back! It's starting to really bother her in the evenings and she still spits up a ridiculous amount of times during the day! I wish I could get her to burp better because it really helps, but sometimes she just WON'T!!

She has added "cradle cap" to her list of harmless yet annoying newborn problems, but her eczema is definitely on it's way out, so that's good!

She says "agooo" a lot when she's happy and talking to me!! It's my all-time favorite word at the moment! :)

I love that Haven loves baths! It's such a nice change from when Venily was a baby! She was so excited to be in the bath today that she was smiling and kicking her feet all around splashing! Soooo cute!

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