Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Xmas shopping!!!

I'm so excited for Christmas!!!! I started my Christmas shopping a few days ago! I like to have it at least 95% done by Dec 1st! It's proving harder this year though, because Venily doesn't miss a thing and she's always with me! :) I'm hoping she will forget though by Christmas! Also, I bought a swing for Haven yesterday for Christmas and ended up putting it all together last night and using it, lol!! She actually likes it, so I'm glad that I did! She doesn't really care for her travel swing and she doesn't like her carseat...

I'm still not eating ANY dairy, but I don't really think there is a significant improvement in Haven's spitting up or anything else. :( The last 2 days she has spit up about 8-9 times. I will still go the full 2 weeks with no dairy and then see if it gets any worse when I start having dairy again! Otherwise I'm hoping we can try reflux medication at her 2 month appointment.... or maybe my kids are just born to be spitter-uppers!

Today was the first time we missed Library Story time since we started going last Spring! :( We just feel that it's too dangerous with so many sicknesses going around and having a new baby! I am distraught about being locked up in my house all winter long! I wish there was another way!


  1. I hope you can get Haven's spitting up (and other issues) figured out soon! That must be very frusterating!!

  2. HAHA, you sound like me. All of my daughters Christmas toys last year were opened by December 5th. I just gave up. Luckily, since she was the first grandbaby, then she still had lots of present to open, well, for me to open, she was only 5 months old, lol.