Wednesday, November 11, 2009

No 2 Year Well Check for Venily Today Either!!!

Man, this is getting ridiculous!!! We had to reschedule for December 16th now! She is going to be 3 by the time she gets her 2 year check up if they keep rescheduling me! And this is the 3rd doctor's appointment in a row that we have had canceled (2 for her, 1 for me!). And the lady who called me to reschedule it was really weird about it.... she was like "Sorry we need to reschedule Dr. Welka has.... ummm... ill. She's ill." I told her that Venily still hasn't gotten her flu shot so she fit me in this morning to get that. I don't want the kids to catch anything!!! Venily is excited to get a flu shot. I told her it was just one little poke and then she could have a sucker... this is NOT going to end well!!! :(

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