Friday, November 6, 2009

Mini Trip Up North!

Jason had to take a trip up to the middle of the state on Wednesday to do some training and take his CDL test and he knows that I've been disappointed about having to stay home to keep the girls from getting sick (and a new playgroup started up that I had wanted to go to) so he let us come with him!

It was the longest drive that either of the girls had been on (a little over 3 hours) and they did great!! The girls were ABSOLUTE angels the whole way up there and Haven was only a little fussy on the ride home so we had to stop a few times to change her, feed her, and/or burp her, but she was WAY better than I thought she'd be since she hates her carseat!

It was Haven's first time spending the night at a hotel and her first time swimming in a pool!!

She slept great!! I had her in a little travel bed next to me and she slept for 6 hours straight (which she has been doing the last several nights) and then went right back to sleep. Venily, on the other hand, got up at 5:30 and was sooooo excited to go in the pool again that she wouldn't go back to sleep, lol!

Haven loved being in the pool room where it was all warm and steamy and she liked having her feet in the hot tub (it was only warm, not hot at all) but she did not care for being in the cold water of the actual pool, lol. The 2nd day while Jason was gone, I just brought Haven's travel bed down to the pool and she slept while I took Venily swimming!

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  1. Looks like you guys had fun! I LOVE staying in hotels! lol!