Monday, November 16, 2009


I LOVE my husband!!!! We were talking about Haven yesterday (I don't even remember what we were saying) and he said, "well she WILL be the middle child...". And that's all I heard! :) I'm like "REALLY?! We're having another?!". And he said "Yeah, I still plan on us adopting one more!". :) I can't wait!! I'm really excited to adopt and if the process proves harder than we anticipate.... I really have hope that I can get Jason to go for 'just one more'! Though he'll still tell you not in a million years...

In my heart I really feel that I was meant to be the mother of 3 girls, but we'll see! Every time I am at the store and see a mom with 3 girls it just warms my heart! Especially when they all look the same (and are all well-behaved, lol)!! Now I just need to find a way to get Jason to let me hold on to all of Haven's baby things.... hmmmm.... Jacki, I think you need to get started on Baby #3 (I'm convinced that if you have another it will be a girl!)! :)


  1. That's awesome!! Just out of curiosity, how come he is willing to adopt, but not have another bio child?? You seem to have very easy pregnancies and deliveries, so I would think the "free" aspect of having a bio child would be more appealing than the cost of adopting?!

  2. I'm not really sure, I think it's a combination of things! He doesn't really like me being pregnant because of the morning sickness in the beginning (I can't do ANYTHING for at least 2 months) and the back pain and stuff at the end. Also, he is always worried that something bad is going to happen to me or the baby! I think he feels like we have been lucky twice, maybe the next time we won't be so lucky...

    I think he also wants to skip the newborn stage if possible (I LOVE the newborn stage though!). And he wants to help out a child without a family!

  3. Oh, you guys are cute.

    You should go ahead and start talking to adoption agencies. With as long as it takes Haven will be the perfect age to add a younger, or older, sibling to the mix.

    That is cute though.

    I've alwasy told my husband I wanted to adopt one.
    Of course I alwasy wanted to have three boys, then one girl, and one more boy to. Now I got my girl first, and I'm not so sure about 5 anymore, lol.

  4. LOL... I think we are done, although not 100% sure. I am fine with being done, but Jake isn't sure yet. I asked him for the millionth time today if I can sell or give away Landens old clothes and he said not yet. If we do have one more I'd want it to be soon so he better make up his mind! lol But I'm gonna guess and say we probably wont.

  5. Hmmm... maybe I will have to start getting to work on MY sister, LOL!! Just kidding! :)