Saturday, November 21, 2009

Haven is 8 weeks old!

5 more days and she will be 2 MONTHS old!!! I think once she hits 2 months I will start doing monthly (and maybe 1/2 month) updates!

I LOVE my chunky little Haven!!!!! :)

She is still sleeping great! Still only getting up one time a night, which is fine with me! She is still going one 5-6.5 hour stretch each night and then falls right back asleep until Venily usually wakes her up in the morning! She is such a happy little thing when she wakes up, she's always so excited to see me! It makes me love her even more... if that's possible! :)

She is still nursing great!! We attempted a bottle again a couple more times and she doesn't want anything to do with it! She knows what she likes!! She also absolutely gags at pacifiers still as well!

Her personality continues to show through! I think she will be as sweet and goofy as her big sister! She loves to smile and look at toys! We have toys dangling from everything now, lol! She loves her sister and Mommy and Daddy! She loves baths and would blissfully kick away with her sister for an hour if I let her!

We were looking at pictures of Venily yesterday at the same age Haven is and they could honestly be IDENTICAL TWINS!!! You can't tell them apart! I'm so excited to see if that continues on as they get older...

Her favorite word continues to be "ahgoo". I'm convinced it means "I love my Mommy!". She is a brilliant little baby already, haha! :)

She is also loving standing right now and has been able to do so for longer and longer periods of time now! She has very strong little chunker legs! She also has the grabbiest little hands in the world! When I wear my hair down I know that I will have about 20 baby handfuls less of hair by the end of the day! She grabs at other toys and other stuff too, so now we have to be extra careful about what she has around her! She got a hold of a plastic diaper bag while I was changing her the other day!

She is still spitting up all the time of course (though we haven't had much projectile lately, hopefully I didn't just jinx myself!)! It seems to be especially bad in the evenings! This is also her fussy period (though it's usually really mild) and also the time when she wants to constantly nurse! I don't know if reflux usually gets worse at a certain time of day? I will have to ask her doctor at her next appointment (in 12 days).

After doing more research I've decided to NOT be on the pill while breastfeeding!!! Oh my gosh, I was reading the side affects/warnings for the baby and I couldn't believe my doctor even suggested it! One side affect was increased breast enlargement! Umm... no thanks! Haven's cute little chunky baby boobs are fine, I don't need them even bigger from added hormones!

Oh, and I fixed her cradle cap yesterday by soaking her head in baby oil gel for a couple of hours and then LITERALLY taking about 1 pound of dead skin off the top of her head. LOL! It was so gross but now it looks as perfect as could be!

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