Saturday, November 7, 2009

Haven is 6 weeks!!

And still doing just amazing!!!

She is a good girl, doesn't give me any trouble!! It's crazy that 6 weeks ago I couldn't imagine how having a new baby would fit into our lives and now I couldn't imagine life without her!!!! I feel like she's always been here! Juggling 2 kids isn't too bad either! With Haven in her front carrier thing I can pretty much do anything I would normally have done!

Haven's rash is looking better! It seems to get really bad in a spot and then start to fade away. It already looks tons better on her forehead and her back. Right now though her cheeks are the worst! :(

Umm, yeah, I started eating dairy again when we went up north! There was just too much stuff without labels that I gave up! So far I haven't seen ANY difference! It isn't too bad though, just a little spitting up every so often. Maybe she will outgrow it after all and won't get as bad as Venily did.

Haven has started "talking" a lot more this last week! I love it!!! ♥ I could listen to her little stories all day long! Especially when they are accompanied by the most heart melting little smiles that I've ever seen...

I think Haven looks more and more like me!! There is just something about her that I can see myself when I look at her. I think it's her eyes. They are still really blue and I'm hoping they stay that way!

I am still managing to be able to squeeze her into mostly 3-6 month clothes, lol! I am going to have to start giving her several outfit changes a day though if I want her to be able to wear all of her different 3-6m outfits! I've already started having her wear some 6m stuff as well!! She is going to catch up to Venily in no time, lol! At least no one can accuse me of not feeding her enough, haha! I'm sad though that I don't think she is going to fit into any of her Christmas outfits! Guess I will have to just buy some more!! :)

I am going to try and give her a bottle sometime soon now that she has hit 6 weeks! I'm really hoping that she'll take one by November 20th so I can go see New Moon when it comes out, lol! Yeah, I'm a dork... Otherwise I might just take her with me because I know she'd be an angel, but I'm sure I'd get a lot of dirty looks. Or maybe not, 13 year old girls are more annoying than most newborns! I might just wait until past opening weekend, like during the following week sometime when not many people are in the theater!


  1. I am totally going to see New Moon too! I'll go once all the hype dies down. I might go and take Adalein with during the day when all the teeny boppers are in school.

  2. I know, I'm so excited!!! It's been on my calendar FOREVER, lol! I read the whole series twice and saw the first movie in the theatres twice and then on DVD twice! haha