Tuesday, February 1, 2011

January Review!

The first month of the year is over!  Checking over my resolutions and adding some more!

***For my reading 100 books this year resolution, I am at the following:
January- 11 books read as of last night (pretty good since I need 8 1/3 read each month to meet my goal!)

So far, so good! :)  I finished the one series I thought was only okay and was glad I did, the later books were much better!  I am still waiting impatiently on the next book in the series I LOVE, though I already have the next 2 after that waiting for me! :)  Next up I'm reading The Happiest Toddler on the Block (I've started it before, but am going to start it over and finish it this time).  I've also put several more books on hold and I'm going to start another series too! :)

I'm also adding 2 more resolutions to my list!!!
1.)  I will work out for at least 30 minutes 2x a week (starting off small here, lol, and hoping to increase it)!  I will probably just do a video or 2 on my Exercise OnDemand station.  I would like to get into really good shape before spring and, luckily for me, it usually doesn't take too much work on my part!
2.)  I WILL donate blood this year.  Hopefully I can do this in February.  I have never donated blood before and really want to!

And some Randomness:
* Haven threw her sandwich off the side of her high chair after lunch because I was busy doing something else and she wanted to be done.  I told her "No throwing your food on the floor, Haven, that's naughty!  What do you say to Mommy?"  and she says with a smile "You're welcome!".   I definitely laughed, which was not a good lesson for her, but I couldn't help it, LOL!

* Jason was measuring something in our bathroom while Venily was brushing her teeth and she says "Daddy, what are you inchering?"  Get it?  Inch instead of measure b/c he was measuring in inches, lol! :)


  1. I will donate blood with you! I was actually looking up the Life Source website last week. I have donated with them before. They used to come to my work so it was super easy!