Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Haven is 16 months old!!!

Which means she is now 1 1/3 years old!!
I've said it before, but I really wish I could clone her and make billions of dollars selling hundreds of thousands of Havens all around the world!!!  (And of course I would make a couple for myself!!!).  She is seriously just the most precious, princess-iest thing on this planet!!  And super-smart to top it off!  ♥

I'm not going to lie, but even though I have sort of made peace with the fact that I am not going to be able to have any more children (with Jason that is... I sort of have a sick fantasy where I marry someone else and have more children, but shhhhh.... lol), it is hard for me to know that I found out I was pregnant with Haven when Venily was 15 months old!  I feel like if I were to have another child, it is SUPPOSED to be right now. :(  But, alas, I sure do love the 2 I already have! :)

Here are a few things Haven's up to at 16m:

* She can repeat all the letters of the ABC's after I say them and can sing about 3/4 of the song all by herself!!

* She can count to 9 (though she is very selective as to WHEN she wants to)!

* THIS "cheese" smile never gets old!!

* Her current favorite color is GREEN!  (it was blue, lol) 

* She is obsessed with make-up and loves to pretend that everything is makeup too!  
* She can draw a circle when you ask her to! (or at least something that kind of resembles a circle as she says "circle, circle!", lol).  She really loves coloring, drawing, painting, and play dough!!

* She says "sorry" now when she does something wrong! :)  Added to her "please"s, "thank you"s, and "excuse me"s and she is quite a polite little girl!!  Oh, she says "welcome" too for "you're welcome"!

* This morning she locked herself in the bathroom.  I panicked for a second trying to think of what I could stick in the little hole to get it open and then I thought and instead said "Haven, can you open the door for Mommy?" and a second later I heard a pop sound and she had unlocked it!

* She has become such a little climber!!  Every time I turn around she is standing up on something she's not supposed to be!  There is only so much child-proofing I can do!!  Oh, and if the bathroom door is open at all, she instantly climbs into the tub (which scares me to death!)! (see high chair video)
* She is the BEST at putting herself to sleep in her toddler bed!  After only 2 nights of re-sleep training her, she started putting herself back to sleep again!!  I just sing to her and say "Good night, I love you!  Sweet dreams!" and leave and she falls right to sleep!!!  I LOVE her!!!  Venily would cry and cry and end up falling asleep up against the door on the floor, but not my little Haven! :)  She is currently taking her nap at 1pm and going to bed for the night at 8pm and waking up at around 6am (but then she crawls into bed with us until 6:45am).
* She is getting really good at filling in the blanks to songs!  I sing a part and then stop and wait for her to add in the right word or phrase.  She loves "You are My Sunshine", "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", "ABC's", "The grumpy old troll that lives under a bridge" and lots more.  Sometimes she'll surprise me and start singing songs I didn't even know she knew!

* She wants to sit on the potty all the time!

* And some of my newest favorite words and phrases that she says:
- "princess"
- "true that" (apparently I have nothing better to do than to teach my daughter silly phrases and then laugh about them!)
- "take it please" (when she has something that she doesn't want any more)
- "Shhhh... baby sleep!" (with her little finger up to her mouth. she came out of her room saying this one day and I looked in there and she had put a baby in her bed for a nap, LOL!)
- "All aboard the choo choo train!" (LOVE this one!)
-"Got you!" (when playing "tag")
- "Oh, man!"
- "pteranadon" (LOVES Dinosaur train and we have some little pteranadon toys, lol)

I really have to watch what I say b/c she repeats EVERYTHING!!!

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