Saturday, February 26, 2011

17 months old!

Each month I have a mini-breakdown that she is growing up too fast.  Can she really be 1 1/2 years old next month?!  It just doesn't seem possible... :(
I don't have a ton of updates since her 16.5m updates, I'll have a bigger update next month for the big 18m.  Just some random funny stories from my little Haven...

Haven woke up in the morning, crawled into bed with us and the first thing she said was "Mommy.... make popcorn?"  lol!  It has been weeks since we've had popcorn, so the only thing I can think is that maybe she had a dream about it! :)

A few days ago I was holding her and she said "Down please.... for my birthday?"  Venily says the "for my birthday?" line all the time when she wants something b/c she got it from iCarly!  It was soooo funny to hear Haven say it though! :)

She's picked up a ton more new songs!  I love listening to her sing- she is just the cutest thing in the world!

She will identify the following shapes correctly almost every time: heart, star, crescent moon, triangle.  And most of the time circle. :)  Her favorite magnidoodle game is make Mommy draw shapes while she tells me what they are!  Over and over and over and over, lol!

I don't know why... but Haven LOVES laying on floors and rolling around, lol!  She does it everywhere... in the gym, at storytime, at home, doesn't matter where she is! :)

And here are some more videos:

Singing ABC's while watching a movie.  She was so cute laying there singing them over and over again that I just had to take a video.  Of course, as soon as I take out my camera she starts being goofy!

More counting too!  She counts all day long as well!

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