Saturday, February 19, 2011

Baseball Camp!!!

Venily had her first fantasy baseball camp today!!!  We were so nervous since soccer was a disaster, but she kept insisting that she wanted to go!  And she did AMAZING!!!!!  Sure she was a little shy here and there if there was a guy trying to help her with something, but she loved all the women (and a majority of the "teachers" were women) and participated in all of the activities!!!!!  I was so close to crying the whole time!  I AM SOOOO PROUD OF HER!!!!!  She was definitely one of the youngest there too since it was for 3-6 year olds and it seemed most of the kids were 5.  She was also only 1 of 2 girls in her group, but did amazing!!!  She got to practice throwing, catching, batting, and running bases!  And she even spoke when asked questions like "What is your name?  What is your favorite color? etc.!  :)  I am so happy for her!!!!  She says she loves baseball and can't wait to go back next week!  ♥

Catching the ball

Having so much fun!
Throwing... (p.s. she got it in the right hole almost every time even when she tried throwing with her left hand, lol)
Defense stance
More throwing
Haven being a goof and laying and rolling on the floor, haha!

Running the bases!

Here she is batting and running the bases! :) So proud of her!!!

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