Thursday, February 10, 2011

16.5 months update!

I guess I really haven't done away with the 1/2 month updates, lol!  Haven is always learning so many new things, that it's hard to wait the full month!

She continues to expand on her vocabulary by leaps and bounds!  I estimate that she is at well over 1,000 words now!  She will repeat anything and everything and can retain the meaning of words after only hearing them once!  She also can memorize songs like crazy!  I have no idea how both my girls got such great memories, especially if you know Jason, haha!   She can sing all of "Heads, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes" by herself now and most of "Twinkle, Twinkle".  Most of the time something will just trigger the memory of the song for her (like saying the word "star") and then she'll just start singing the whole song without me ever having known that she knew all the words, lol!

This isn't a good one of how she sings her ABC's, but I love that she says "Yeah, baby!" at the end, lol!  :) 

Her huge vocabulary is also getting Venily into more trouble!  Haven now comes up and tells on her all the time.  She'll come up to me all serious and say "EE.. big mess!" and I'll be like "Venily made a big mess?" (nods head yes) "where?" and she'll say "bedroom... c'mon!" and pull my hand all the way to the bedroom!  She's also told on her for banging her head and all the time for taking her toys, haha!  Venily can't get away with anything any more! :)

She counts to 10 now all the time!  And when I say "11, 12" she'll say "13, 14"!! :) 

She has also become really focused lately on correctly adding the plural "s" to the ends of words that need them.  She is so serious about it that it's actually funny.  If I accidentally say something without the "s" and there is more than one, sometimes she will correct me and say "cupSSS", "ballSSS", etc. She is so funny!

She has a new favorite shape!  The other day she brought up a tiny little foam piece that is shaped like a moon and told me "crescent moon!  crescent moon!"... Venily must have taught her that, lol!  Now every time she sees a crescent moon she freaks out saying "crescent moon" and she wants me to draw crescent moons for her on the Magnadoodle all the time, lol!  She is so funny with the things that really fascinate her, haha!  And I had no idea how many "crescent moons" she could find around our house!  She even insisted on bringing one to bed with her the other night!

Speaking of things that fascinate her, like Venily, she too LOVES dinosaurs!!  She can say the names of several different dinosaurs and knows that (on Dinosaur train) Buddy is a T-Rex and Shiny, Tiny, and Don and pteranodons! :)  She is also obsessed with "rocket ships"!  Thanks Little Einsteins, lol!  Is it weird that both of my little girls love rockets and trains and dinosaurs?! :)

The other day she also brought me the bedding of a pretend dog's bed which kind of looks like a pillow in the shape of an oval and told me it was a "pillow pet"! :)  Her ability to understand things and make connections with other things astounds me! ♥

Also, one of her newest favorite animals now are "Spider monkeys" and she loves to talk about them!

Venily also taught her say "Cheeseburger!" instead of "cheese!" when looking at a camera!  Then Mommy taught her to say "veggie cheeseburger" haha!

Instead of saying "Poop!" after she poops or when she sees a poopy diaper, she now sometimes says "P-U, stinky poop pants!" LOL!!!

Oh, and despite the fact that we have gotten a TON of snow, Haven still does not like the snow or cold!!  Which is fine by me, because I don't like it much either!  We can't wait until it all melts and we can play outside again!!!

Her darn incisor teeth are still giving her trouble and none have cut through yet!  I can always tell when she is in pain b/c every little thing makes her cry when normally she hardly ever cries!!  She also gets more clingy whenever she is teething! :(

Though she can usually turn the whining on and off whenever she wants!

The girls were momentarily Packers fans for the Superbowl (the only day that it's acceptable, lol)!  Jason is a Packers fan so the girls got all Packers'd up for him! :)

She absolutely loves to pretend to have things pee and poop in the potty!  So goofy!

She is starting to pick up more and more Spanish words as well!  Thanks to Dora and Diego, lol!  I took 4 years of Spanish in high school and 2 semesters in college so I always thought it would be cool to teach some to my girls!  Haven says "bobos, monkeys!" and "abre, open" all the time and can repeat Spanish words really well so I think I'm going to start giving her a little more Spanish vocab to learn.

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