Thursday, February 3, 2011

Newest Sayings!

"Shake your booty"

"Yeah, baby!" (learned from her sister, lol)

(video coming soon)

"But I was JUST trying to be helpful" (said so cutely you almost believe it, lol!)


And here are some more videos of the girls!!

Venily talking to Santa, haha! 3 years old

Haven reading Brown Bear, Brown Bear (she is doing a lot better at calling animals by their names rather than their sounds, but still needs to be reminded sometimes!) Haven-16m

 Singing "Rudolph" over a month AFTER Christmas, lol, it's still one of her favorite songs! Haven-16m

Two of her favorite things, lol! I'd like to think she's going to be a dinosaur veterinarian when she gets older! :) Haven-16m

She is always pretending to hurt herself so I have to kiss it, lol! Haven-16m


  1. Hi Jennifer, I found your blog on Babycenter. I'm also from September 2009 birthclub. Watching the videos of your preety Haven makes me wanted to comment something here! I just can't believe she says a lot of words! She looks like a big girl too.

    My son is the same age with her, but I hardly understand what he says.

    Congratulations :). oh btwvi love your pretty blog.