Friday, October 8, 2010

12 month update!

Okay, enough procrastinating, I unfortunately was not able to prevent Haven from turning one, so I guess I will just have to write her update now!!!

Here are her 12 month stats:

Weight: 23 pounds (as weighed at the dr's on 9/28th)

Length: 32.5 inches (measured at dr's on 9/28th)

She is pretty big and definitely TALL! :)

(Venily was 21lbs, 12oz and 31.5 in at 12m!)

Haven's updated growth charts:

Her weight is plateauing, but her height continues to skyrocket, lol!

Clothes size: 18m

Diaper size: 3

Shoe size: 5's and 5 1/2's.  Even some of them are getting too small, lol!  Venily and Haven are going to be sharing shoes soon!  (Venily is a 9)

HAIR LENGTH: longest top pieces- 
longest bottom/back pieces-

SLEEPING: Still sleeps through the night.  Her bedtime keeps getting earlier and earlier!  Some nights she goes to bed at 5:30pm!!  But it's never later than 7:15pm!  Usually wakes up around 6:30am.

She takes 2 naps.  One around 9am and the other around 1pm.  Her morning nap is usually pretty short, around 45min.  And her afternoon nap is usually around 2 hours.

EATING: Eats anything and everything we're eating.  Some of her top favorite things are spaghetti, any kind of cheese (but especially string cheese), any kind of beans (baked beans, chili, refried beans in tacos), blueberries, yogurt, applesauce, any kind of fruit, and tons more.

We are done nursing now and she is on all whole milk!  She LOVES her milk and demands it throughout the day!  She goes up to the refrigerator, points and says "MILK!" :)  And I make her say "MILK, PUH!" which translates to "milk, please!"
PLAYING: Her favorite toys are her slide (which she calls all slides "weeee's", babies, fake kitchen stuff (she loves to pretend to eat food and feed it to her babies and little people and stuffed animals, lol, oh and mommy and Venily, of course!), any thing she can draw with, and anything she can ride on!
APPEARANCE: She couldn't get any cuter if she tried!!!  She still has her gorgeous smile and huge dimples and her bright blue eyes and reddish blonde hair!  (side story:  I left Walmart one day and forgot my extra reusable bags and the checkout lady, who I talk to often, comes running out, trying to get my attention and says " Hey, lady with the little red-headed baby!" LOL!)  I have different people tell me all the time that she looks like me and that she looks like Jason.  BUT, I know the truth, she most definitely looks like ME! :)

TEETH: 8 teeth!  And her 2 top molars are close to cutting through and it looks like she is getting her bottom 2 molars as well.  I SURE hope that all 4 come in at once... and SOON!  She is miserable right now!!!!

SPEECH: She can say over 75 words now!!!  And is VERY effective at communicating her wants!!

Some of her newest words are:

shoe (doo, LOVES shoes!!), sock (though she usually calls socks "doos" as well, until I correct her and then she'll call them socks!), STOP! (dop!, said when she doesn't want you to do something, lol), tickle (tick, tick), remote (mote), water (wawa), brrrrr (when she's cold or feels something cold), "spank your butt" (LOL, I pretend to spank her butt, and she picked it up!), fork (though again, she usually calls it a spoon first, until I correct her and then she'll say it right), wipe (calls them "weep"s), phone, buckle (says "buck" while trying to take off the buckles on her high chair and carseat, but when I pronounce the word correctly for her, she'll say "buck, cle, cle"), gramma, help (when she needs help with something), bug (her newest fascination since we have a gazillion boxelder bugs and lady bugs on the sides of our house, including our windows! and she has to make sure she points them all out to me, haha)!  Also, she calls Venily "DEE!" when she sees pictures and videos of her, but no so much to her face.

She also loves to point at any letter or word she sees and says "E!"  "E!".  lol.  She'll even grab one of my books, open it and start reading "E, E, E" while pointing at all the words.  When I sing her songs she always wants me to sing the "E" song too (ABC's) and she tries to sing them as well.  She usually sings "A...E... E... F... E".  :)

Venily knew about 50 words at 12.5 months.

ANIMAL SOUNDS: She's up to 19 now, I believe!!!

previous: fish (open/close mouth), sheep (baaa), cow (moo), elephant (blows lips), bee (bzzzz), and kitty (meow), lion, tiger, bear (all the same sound, haha! rrrrawrrrr), owl (who, who), horse (neigh), chicken (bawk, bawk), dog (ruff), monkey (ahh, ahh- I've tried to teach her "ooh, ooh, ahh, ahh").  

new last month:  frog (ribbit), giraffe (touches neck), pig (snorts), goat (meh), bunny (tries to wiggle nose)

She also knows that a train says "choo, choo" and a car says "vroom, vroom"

BODY PARTS:  Up to 13 now!!! 
Previous:  hair, hands, feet, eyes, nose, mouth, teeth, tongue, ears, and bellybutton
also knows: fingers, toes, butt

MOVEMENT: (newest accomplishments)
Goes down the slide without standing up at the top now, which is a definite improvement! 

Also, a lot better at going down the stairs on her butt
Random happenings:  

Throws garbage away in the garbage can now, which is quite impressive since our garbage is in a semi-child proofed cupboard (it's hard to make things Haven-proof, but NOT Venily-proof, lol)

She is now sometimes answering "yes" to yes/no questions, but still often says a word associated with the question rather than saying "yes".  (And, of course, she has no problems saying "no" to things, lol.)  For example, if you ask her if she is hungry and she is she'll sometimes say "yes", but most times say "eat, eat" and run to her high chair.  Same for if you ask her if she's tired.  Usually she says "na-night" and runs to her crib.

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