Friday, October 8, 2010

Birthday Party!!!

The girls had their birthday party on Sunday!  It was the most stressful party I have ever organized, but Jason didn't think it went badly at all, so maybe it was just me!  First of all, Haven started being fussy the night before her party and that has continued on to this day! :(  Her molars are really bothering her now.  She's been sleeping a lot and biting her fingers like crazy.  Also, the morning of her party she was really constipated and tried pooping 5 times, screaming each time.  I finally gave her some prunes and that helped a bit.  I was excited that Haven got a nap in before her party started, but unfortunately she was still super tired at her party and wanted to be held most of the time!  On top of all of that, it was freezing cold for an outside party!  I think the high was in the low 50's, which was made worse by the fact that it was gorgeous a few days before the party and now, a few days after it's back in the 70's!

My mom made the girls' cakes, just like they wanted them and they turned out really well!  We had a pinata and the kids played at the park, which they loved.  We only opened about half of the presents at the party, since people were all leaving b/c it was so cold and Haven wanted nothing to do with that b/c she was tired and cranky.  She only took a few bites of her cake too (which is understandable seeing as it was the third time she'd had cake in one week, lol!).

Both girls fell right to sleep on the ride home (at 5pm) and I finally woke Haven up at 7:30pm to eat dinner and change her diaper.  Venily, however, continued sleeping ALL THE WAY UNTIL THE MORNING, lol!  She woke up and opened the rest of her presents! :)  The girls got some really great stuff and have been having so much fun playing with everything!!!!  Lots of kitchen toys (which is one of their favorite things to play), lots of clothes (which I LOVE), drawing things, and other fun new toys!  I went through some of their other toys and packed some away!
Overall, I think it went well.  But I seriously don't think I'd do another park party again, even though I LOVED the fact that I didn't have to stress out about how clean my house was before the party!

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  1. Jennifer-
    I have the gifts here for the girls..We will try and drop them off this weekend, if your home.