Saturday, October 9, 2010

Venily's 1st Field Trip!!!

Venily went on her first field trip last Wednesday to The Apple Barn!!  She got to ride on a bus all by herself and Haven and I drove there as well, so we could come too!  She sat with her teacher, Mrs. Vivian (since she's technically still 2 and needed to be with an adult) and Mrs. Vivian said she was very talkative the whole trip and showed her where each and every corn stalk was that they passed, lol!  We got to go on a hay ride, pick apples right off the trees, pick pumpkins, go on a tour of the facilities there and all the things they make, and have a snack of apples, apple cider donuts, and apple juice! :)  It was fun, but Haven was not having a good time at all! :(  She whined almost the whole time, which is sooooo crazy for her!  It was supposed to be her naptime AND she is having an absolute miserable time cutting these molars!  I couldn't put her down for a second, I feel so bad for her!!  Venily wanted to ride the bus back to her school instead of just coming straight home with me, and I ended up getting HOPELESSLY lost on the way home.  Like hyperventilating, crying to a bunch of construction workers, barely able to think and lucky I didn't get into an accident, type of lost!  AND THIS IS WITH A GPS, lol!  I had taken a different way to get there b/c I had to run home quick and get Venily different shoes.  I luckily was only about 5 minutes late picking her up though since I left to go back to her preschool well before the buses left.

And how fricken cute are these girls in their matching Halloween outfits?!  LOL!  They have other matching Halloween shirts too!  :)  Obviously Haven was a much happier camper after 2 naps and some Tylenol, haha!

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