Monday, October 11, 2010

Tooth #9!!

Haven's first molar (top right) finally cut through today!!!!  It has been a difficult week trying to get this thing through, but she woke up SUPER HAPPY this morning!  She continued to be SUPER HAPPY the entire rest of the day, so I looked in her mouth, and sure enough, it was cut all the way through! F.I.N.A.L.L.Y!!!!  Except, that we still have 3 more to go, lol!  She started getting crabby again around 5:30pm and was asleep by 6:15pm (which is her typical bedtime lately).  Her bottom right molar is extremely swollen and I can feel the tooth right below the surface and her top left seems to be really close as well, so hopefully we don't have too much longer with these darn molars!!

It's funny how different my girls are on some things and how similar they are on others!  When I looked back at Venily's babyhood, I remember thinking the following things in comparison to Haven:

* I hope Haven doesn't spit up like Venily did!  (Didn't luck out there, Haven definitely took after her sister on that one)
*I hope Haven sleeps better than Venily! (Yep, she continues to be an AMAZING sleeper, sleeping 12 straight hours at night.  I would have KILLED for 12 straight hours from Venily, lol, even for just one night!)
*I hope Haven doesn't have Venily's lactose sensitivity! (Definitely luck out here, Haven has ZERO issues with regular milk!)
*I hope Haven doesn't hate baths like Venily did!  (Haven LOVES baths and always has!)
*I hope Haven's molars don't bother her as much as Venily's did coming in! (Ick!  It's just about as bad as I remember!)
*I hope Haven is as easy to potty-train as Venily was!  (Still waiting and hoping on that one!)
*And of course, I also hoped that she'd be an early walker/talker/and milestone-reacher like Venily (and she has definitely done that!!!)

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