Friday, October 29, 2010

Venily's 1st Dentist Appt!

Venily had her very first dentist appointment today and did GREAT!!!  I prepped her for like a week beforehand on what would happen, and I really think that helps.  I had Allison with me too (b/c she didn't have school today) and Jason watched Haven.  We had to wait FOREVER in the waiting room and my anxiety was through the roof, haha, but Venily was excited!

She ended up having a guy hygienist AND a guy dentist, but she was still so good!  The hygienist cleaned her teeth and gave her stickers, toys, a toothbrush and toothpaste.  He said it didn't look like she had any cavities.

Then the dentist came in and "counted" her teeth and stuck them all with the pointy thing to check for cavities (the absolute worst part, in my opinion).  He said that her bottom right molar stuck a little and that she had a very small cavity in it! :(  I wanted to cry.  It's so small that she won't even need any anesthesia for it, but I'm still sooooo broken-hearted!  We are OBSESSIVE about Venily brushing her teeth twice a day, EVERY SINGLE DAY!!   She does it herself for a few minutes and then either Jason or I go over her teeth as well.  She also does a fluoride rinse every single night before bed.  She hardly ever drinks juice and has very limited candy/junk food!!  :(  Sometimes you can do everything right though, and genetics will still cause it to happen.  Sorry Venily!!  We are also supposed to start flossing now as well, so we will add that to our rigid routine.

Her filling appointment isn't scheduled until NEXT September 2011!!  The dentist wanted her to have a certain dentist and he only works Saturdays and is booked until then!  But the receptionist has us on a waiting list and said that we will almost definitely be able to get in before then!  Venily has an appointment in a few weeks as well to have her teeth sealed.  And her next cleaning will be in 6 months (in May).

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