Tuesday, October 26, 2010

13 months old!!!

Haven is 13 months old today!

This last month Haven has gone through a HUGE language explosion!!!  At 12 months she had about 75 words and now she is at well over 100 words!!  Each day now she is saying new words that she has never said before.  This morning alone she said 3 new words before 6:15am, including "Allison" which sounds more like "Al-si-son"!!  I ALSO HAVE A NEW ALL-TIME FAVORITE WORD, LOL!!  Ever since she was a tiny baby (and with Venily too) after her bath and I am drying her in a towel I sing "dry you up, buttercup... dry you up, buttercup!"  And the other day I got her out of her bath and was drying her and she started saying "buttercup!  buttercup!" in a sing-songey voice, with a huge smile on her face!  ♥  My heart almost exploded with pure happiness.  She said it so clearly and perfectly too.  Definitely my FAVORITE word of the moment! :)
The other day she also said her first non-prompted 2 word sentence (that wasn't a phrase) besides "hi/bye Dada/Mama".  She said "MORE MILK!" and has continued to say it several different times when she wants more milk! :)  She also says "MORE CRACK!" while pointing at our cabinets with the crackers in them!  Really hoping she picks up the second syllable to that word soon, haha, though I do laugh every time she says it. :)

She is also becoming quite the polite young lady!  Instead of "puh" for please she says "peas".  :)  And she says "ank-you" for thank-you!! :) and I love when she says it with a little shy smile!!!  Oh Haven, why are you just so DARN cute?!

She has learned a few new animal sounds as well.  She can "quack" for a duck (before if you asked her what a duck says she'd say "DUCK!  DUCK!").  Attempts to whistle for a bird (I LOVE watching her try to whistle!!) and "squeak" for a mouse!  I think that brings her to 22 animal sounds! :)
She is LOVING all things-Halloween right now!!  I put up a lot of decorations in our house and she loves to go around and name them all!  She calls pumpkins "apples" though and I can't get her to stop, haha.  We have little pretend spiders that she likes to bring over to me and throws them on the ground and pretends to be scared of them and wants me to pretend to be scared of them too!  She also loves crescent moons, ghosts (which she calls "boo"s), and bats!  We can't wait for Halloween this weekend!!

I moved her up to size 4 diapers last week b/c I had bought the "new" Walmart brand diapers in a 3 and she had leaked through a few times when waking up in the morning.  I thought maybe a bigger size would help, but I also decided to go back to the Target brand of diapers and she hasn't had any problems since.  I may even go back to a 3 in the Target brand b/c I don't like how big the size 4's are on her!  It was the first box of 4's I ever bought since Venily was never in size 4's!
A new food she has become obsessed with= raisins!  She calls them "REES!" and whenever I give her some she wants more and more and more and more and gets mad when I tell her that they are all gone! :)

Haven is SUCH a Daddy's girl right now!!!  Whenever he's not there, she's always asking "Dada?"  "Dada?" and when he IS around she's glued to his side!  She absolutely LOVES looking at pictures of Dada too and correctly identifies Dada, Mama, Venily, and herself in them.  She has one picture of herself that whenever she sees she says "MEEEEE!" and points at herself! :)
I've noticed lately that Haven really likes things to go in a certain order.  I think it's because we have such well established routines for everything.  She's definitely a "routine-girl".  Like if I buckle her in her high chair and give her her food without putting her bib on her first, she'll look at me and say "BIB!  BIB!" until I put her bib on and then she will eat, haha.  The same thing if I forget to give her a spoon or her milk, she doesn't like to start until everything is just right!  The other day I also was holding her in her room, getting her ready for her nap.  Usually I close the door behind me and then sing her a song and lay her down to sleep.  Well, I forgot to close the door and I started singing to her and she points over at the door and says "DOOR!".  So I close it and she smiles and lays back down on my chest and says "E!" so that I'd sing her the "ABC" song.  Speaking of that, she has 2 songs that she likes to demand that I sing.  The "E" song and the "Down" song (London Bridges Falling Down) and if I start singing a song she doesn't want, she'll keep insisting on the one that SHE wants until I start singing that one!  :)

Haven still only has her 2 molars on her right side, her bottom right is completely through now, all 4 sides.  The swelling for the 2 on her left side has gone down a lot so they are temporarily not bothering her much, though I know that will change again soon! :(

Also, Haven learned a new body part today.  She came up to me, pointed at my elbow and said "elbow".  I don't even remember ever teaching her that one, lol.  So, I asked her where her elbow was and she pointed to hers!  Lol, that puts her at 15 different body parts.  I took a video of her pointing out some of them.



  1. LOL, I had to laugh when you said she calls pumpkins apples. Mason calls all fruit besides bananas "apples". And he calls pumpkins "balls". At the patch he was grabbing pumpkins and yelling, "BALL!" and throwing them! LOL, I couldn't get him to stop!

  2. LOL! Haven calls apples, pumpkins, oranges, and tomatoes "apples"! :) It's got to be confusing having so many similarly shaped/colored foods all called different things!