Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Happy 3rd Birthday Venily Autumn!!!

Ooops, I was looking through my blogs and I totally forgot to post this last week, it was just saved in my posts! :(

Wednesday, October 13th was Venily's 3rd birthday!!!  She went to preschool where she got to pass out little sticker and tattoo presents to her friends (treats aren't allowed, even though I think I'm the only one that follows rules sometimes, lol).  She also got to wear a birthday crown!!  :)  Her teacher told me that she seems so much older and that she is 3 going on 10! :)  Almost every single time I've picked her up from class so far her teacher has told me that she can't believe that she's not even 3 yet!  But... I suppose now she is.... I wonder what her teacher will tell me now, lol?!  :)  We then went to the library and then the park with Landen and Aunt Jacki (since that's what Venily kept telling me she wanted to do on her birthday, haha).  We ate dinner and she opened her presents from us and then her Aunt Lisa came over and we had cake!  I still can't believe that she's THREE already!!!!

I will write her 3 year old update soon.  She has her 3 year doctor check up on Thursday.  And we will do a video interview as well! :)


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