Friday, February 26, 2010

Bunny- Part 2

We came home from the store yesterday and got out of our van.

Venily:  "Mom, I see the bunny!  Can I PLEASE hold him?  He is so, so, sooooo cute!"

Me:  "No, sorry hunny."  (What am I supposed to say?!  THERE IS NO BUNNY!  haha)

Venily:  "But I'm going to hold him in my hands like this (she pretends she's holding a bunny) and say 'Oh bunny you are soooo cute!' and then give him a kiss! (and she kisses her pretend bunny)  Can I Mommy?"

Me:  "No hunny, we need to get these groceries inside."

(So she starts trying to cross the street to get to him and I have to yell at her.  :(  )


And have I mentioned that her newest favorite saying is "You hurt my feelings!" Lol, the things kids pick up!

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