Saturday, February 6, 2010

I think the curse has lifted! :)

I haven't written anything in this last week mostly because Haven had been cursed with 7 straight nights of bad sleeping!!  She used to be fighting to stay awake at 7pm and this whole last week she'd start getting REALLY fussy around 7, but if I put her in her bed she'd SCREAM!  And this would go on until 10:00-10:30pm!!!  Not good when I was so used to getting things done around the house and relaxing during this time!  She only wanted to sleep on me and when I'd try to set her in her bed, she'd wake up and cry again!  But she was still taking great naps during the day, no problem, and completely putting herself to sleep then! 

And, NO, it wasn't the earrings! :)  She had zero problems all day long and I play with and clean her earrings all the time and they don't bother her at all!

Anyway, last night she went to bed at 8:30pm!!!!  Woke up once at 9:30pm and I thought I was in for another hour+ of crying and fighting sleep, but she just ate and went right back to sleep.  Actually it's 8:50am right now and she's still sleeping! :)

I think she is teething!! :(  Though I thought the same thing with Venily around this time and she had 4 more months before anything poked through!  But Haven BITES ON EVERYTHING!!  All day long!  She bites my fingers, her fingers, her toys, anything she can get her hands on!  And she doesn't just like mouth it, she BITES it, HARD!  Like I feel like she might actually break my bones in my fingers, lol!  I hope she feels better soon!  I am a lot better of a Mommy when I am able to get things done and get my sleep! :)

I will have Haven's 4.5 month update next week!

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