Thursday, February 18, 2010

Doctor Visit

We took the girls into the walk-in yesterday because they were still so miserable.  Both girls ended up having left ear infections and upper respiratory infections and are now on antibiotics.  It was Haven's first ever sick visit!  [It's going to be really hard to get Jason to let me take the girls out to their classes and play group now, but I WILL do it!]  Both girls did really well while at the doctor's.  Venily was only a little shy and Haven even got a Nebulizer breathing treatment and stayed her little adorable, happy self! :)  Haven weighed in at 17lbs, 8oz (@4m, 3w, 1d old) and Venily weighed 29.5lbs (@2years, 4months).

Here's a pic of my happy little Haven at the doctor's...

My gosh, I LOVE her!!  I am NOT a religious person at all but I do believe in destiny and in something bigger than ourselves.  And I truly believe that Haven is meant to do huge things with her happy little personality!  She is going to have an impact on thousands of people as she does with everyone near her.  She is my little sunshine and she is going to make so many people so very happy!  I can't wait to see all that she accomplishes, because it's going to be AMAZING! :)

I hope my girls start feeling better soon!  Last night was rough!!  And I'm still really sick as well.

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  1. Here is an argument you can use with Jason: Even though getting sick sucks, it is important for little kids to be exposed to germs, in order to build up an immunity to them. Kids who are sheltered, WILL eventually be exposed to sickness, that is just a reality of life! But if a kid hasn't been exposed to many viruses before, they will usually end up sicker than a kid who has had the chance to build up a bit of an immunity. That's just my 2 cents! :)

    Hope the girls (and YOU) are feeling better soon!!