Friday, February 26, 2010

Haven is 5 months!

Is that right?!  I just had her!!  PLEASE let her stay little forever!!

Here are her 5 month stats:

Weight: approximately 17lbs, 12oz (she was weighed at the dr's about 1.5 weeks ago and weighed 17lbs, 8oz)

Length: 27.75 inches!!

(Venily was about 16lbs and 26.5 in AND I WAS AMAZED AT HOW TALL SHE WAS, HAHA!)

Haven's growth charts:
Her charts crack me up, top of the chart for weight and OFF the chart for height!  She's a big, TALL girl!!  Her car seat has a max height of 29in, we need to start looking for a new one NOW!  We had to adjust up her excersaucer a couple weeks ago too!

Clothes size: mostly 9m & 12m still, though some of her 12m sleepers are even getting short on the arms & legs.  I am going to have to take up sewing in order to have properly fitting clothes for her, haha!

Diaper size: 3

Shoe size: 2 

SLEEPING: Usually sleeps through the night, sometimes gets up once to nurse and goes right back to sleep.  Haven typically goes to bed at 8:00pm or 9:00pm, wakes around 6:30am to nurse (b/c this is when Venily wakes up) and then sleeps until between 7:30am- 8:30am.  Takes awesome naps (3 a day), usually 1-2 hours each.  I am SOOOO incredibly lucky that every day Haven takes one of her naps during Venily's nap! (I hope this lasts forever, haha!)  STILL PUTTING HERSELF TO SLEEP!!  It's soooo nice, she can just look at me with that "I'm tired" look in her eyes and that's it!  I just lay her down, her 2 middle fingers go in her mouth, and she "rocks out" to sleep! :)

She is still sleeping in her pack-and-play for naps and bedtime.  Daddy is building the girls bunk beds right now, so as soon as those are done, we can convert Venily's toddler bed back into a crib and Venily will have the bunk bed to herself until Haven is ready for a big girl bed!  Haven is still sleeping in our room and I am really hesitant to move her in with Venily since Venily is such a light sleeper.... I want to put both girls up in the loft, but Jason says no!

EATING: Still primarily breastfeeding!  She is now up to 2 "real" food meals a day now (sometimes eating 1 1/2 containers of food at a time and still wanting more!).  Usually baby food in the morning and cereal in the evening.  And we try some breastmilk in a sippy cup during her meals.  (I just started this back up this week because I was having issues with milk supply before, but am good now!)  She LOVES eating real food.  We still haven't found anything she doesn't like!  She has now had rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, bananas, peas, applesauce, sweet potatoes, cantaloupe, lemons and green beans.  And a baby banana cookie (don't worry, it's a super healthy kind, I'm still just as crazy health-conscience as I was with Venily!) and sweet potato puffs (watered down)!  And oh my gosh, did she go crazy for that cookie, haha!  And she's crazy for green beans!!  You'd think it was candy, the way she eats them!  I want to start making some of my own food for her as well.  I plan to transition her to 3 meals a day and start some more non-pureed food as well by 6 months, as long as she is still liking it. I moved her to her big girl high chair and she gets really excited every time I put her in it b/c she knows she's getting food, haha!


P.S.- We were having a LOT less blow out diapers now that she is eating more solids!  Yay!  (except this last week not that she's on antibiotics! and she's pooping a hundred times a day on top of that, uh!)  I'd still really like to start using cloth diapers though.  It's just getting over the 'what if I don't like them and already spent a ton of money on them' thought process!  I did the math and if I potty train Haven at 19m like I did with Venily, we will save about $700 and if she takes longer, we'd save even more!  Plus have a much better impact on the environment!

PLAYING: Still loves all of her toys!  Especially her excersaucer. 
Bites onto everything!  And is developing really good fine motor skills.  Still loves playing with her sister especially.  (What did I do when I only had one kid, lol?!)  We moved her into a big girl bath seat and she loves playing in the bath even more now! :)  She loves books and buttons and anything that makes noise or can be moved!  haha, okay she seriously loves EVERYTHING!

APPEARANCE: Same.  Eyes are still blue, still almost no hair.  My mom says that looking at Haven is exactly like looking at me as a child.  So there, Jason!  haha.  I must find my baby picture album in my basement...

My absolute favorite thing about her is her smile!!  Her giant, dimpled cheeked smile, the one that's almost always on her face!  ♥

SPEECH:  Loves to talk!  She uses a lot of vowels and mostly just "g", "h" and "b" for consonants!  (My gosh do I LOVE those b's!) The other day she did manage to say "mama" when she was mad, not that she did it on purpose, but I was totally excited! :)  She does say "hi" though all the time!!!  Though it sounds more like "HI-YEEE!" which is actually how I say it to her! :)

I am trying to start signing with her more as well!  I only ever taught Venily "eat" and "more" and would love to teach both of them a lot more (once I learn them myself!).

MOVEMENT: She is a rolling machine!!  She schooches like crazy all over the place, spins in circles, and tries to get out of anywhere I put her!  She is no longer allowed in her swing without constant supervision b/c she can almost get out even when strapped in!  She pushes up to straight arms while on her stomach and pushes up on all fours sometimes!  Next step will be crawling, oh no!  Seriously, I'm not ready for crawling...


She can sit now for a couple minutes at a time independently with no problems at all!  She is getting really good at checking her balance and loves to sway back and forth while sitting.


Haven's LIKES:
* Mommy, Daddy, and Venily

* TOYS- can't leave home without some! :)

*Eating all of her big girl food!  Especially green beans, mmmm!

*Playing with other kids and babies

*Reading books.  Venily reads to her all the time, I LOVE it! :)

*Playing on the floor or in her saucer

*Being tickled!  ♥

*Practicing her escape-artist moves, seriously I predict a trip to the ER at least once before she turns one! 

*Being thrown up in the air!


* Being tired is really the only thing!  She is SUCH an easy, happy baby! :)

HAVEN/ VENILY COMPARISON: (Venily's 5 month Update)

Pics: Venily at 5 months!

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