Friday, March 12, 2010

Haven's 5.5 month updates!

Sorry for the lack of updates, I have like 1,000 half finished drafts on here, but never finish anything!  Perhaps someday I'll finish posts about preschools, my new car, the start of the 'terrible twos' and other such things...

Haven is 5 1/2 months old today!  Here are some of her updates:

*Haven now sits independently for as long as she wants!!  Sometimes she likes to dive after toys out of reach though, lol, she has no fear! :)

*And she has started to do more consecutive rolling to get to places she wants to go!

*Haven started waving last week!  She does the exact same thing as Venily did when she first learned how to wave- opens and closes her hand as she stares at it.  The first couple of days I thought "is she seriously waving?" and after a while I absolutely knew she was! :)  I was lucky enough to get it on video too!

*I have officially stopped carrying Haven around in her baby car seat!  She is WAY too heavy these days and my hands are all calloused from carrying her in it.  I am just leaving it in the van car (*sad sigh*, lol) for now and am looking for a new carseat for her.  So she now rides in the front seat of the shopping cart and I still carry her in her front carrier as well.  It has simplified my life amazingly, haha, and bonus- one less thing to clutter the house!!

*I had to go through BOTH of the girls clothes AGAIN!!  I took out about half of all of Venily's clothes because they didn't fit her anymore!  Warm weather needs to come quick because we are running out of things to wear!  And Haven requires likes 5 changes a day!  I am trying to organize Venily's closet so that both girls' clothes fit in it.... so far I'm not able to do it though, lol!  I really need a hanging 2nd bar but can't find one in the stores!

*Added to the 'foods that Haven has tried' list includes: prunes, squash, pears, cheerios, peaches, butternut squash & corn.  Every 3 days we try a new food.  She has had ALL of the 1st foods now and is on to 2nd foods!  She is getting really good at chewing her solid finger foods too now instead of just moving it around in her mouth!  She absolutely LOVES cheerios and her puffs and I don't even have to wet them down any more!  I can't wait for summer!  We are really excited about planting a garden this year and Haven can't wait to try all sorts of fresh fruits and vegetables from the garden!

She is eating 3 solid food meals a day now!  In a typical day she eats 3 complete jars or containers of baby food and a large bowl of cereal!!  haha, she's going to eat us out of house and home!  She also has 2 snacks a day.  Usually puffs, cheerios, or "squishy bananas" (as Venily calls them- bananas in her mesh feeder).  You can tell when she wants real food rather than just to nurse and she refuses to let us eat first, she gets really mad if we are eating and she hasn't eaten yet!  Her meals are usually pretty messy as she now demands her own spoon as well.  She's "Little Miss Independent" just like her big sister!  Oh boy, I know what to now expect later on down the road! :)

She is doing FANTASTIC with her sippy cup now too!  I give her a little bit of breast milk in her cup with each of her meals.  She'll be able to try some juice and water too in a few weeks when she turns 6 months!  She used to mostly bite on the end of it but now understands the concept of sucking it and can do it really well!!!

*Unfortunately Haven now has quite a bit of stranger anxiety at times.  It is always intensified when she is tired!  With people she knows though, she is still as happy and smiley as ever!!  And she still LOVES story time, her library classes, and her playgroup!

*Her hair is filling in nicely!  There's not much, but her bald spot is gone and her whole head is super fuzzy with lots of very fine hair!  I can hardly keep my lips off of it, it's so wonderful!  Well that and her perfectly smooth little chunker cheeks!  Mmmm, I love those cheeks!

*M's and humming have been added to Haven's vocabulary! :) 

*The past 2 weeks have not been good with nighttime sleeping, sometimes waking up 1-3 times at night to nurse! (except last night, she slept through the night!)  She never can make up her mind!  I am nervous about the time change in a few days, especially for Venily!!  Haven is still taking 3 awesome naps a day though and putting herself to sleep, so I guess I can't complain!

We are going up north this weekend!  Staying in a hotel and visiting lots of family for my Grandma's 70th birthday!  Haven and Venily are really excited!

I promise to do better with updates in the future since I rely on them to finish the girls' baby books!  Speaking of that, I haven't touched their baby books in MONTHS... I am really slacking on my new year's resolutions!!


  1. How about a shower bar? Ours is adjustable to the width you need it. Havens clothes cant be that heavy either.

  2. The closet is really long, I don't think there'd be a shower bar long enough! I'm hoping maybe I can just make something that'll work!