Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Haven is 4.5 months!

Just a few little 4.5 month updates!  I can't believe how fast she is growing up!  It makes me want to cry, I want her stay little forever!

Teething-  She HAS to be teething.  Just has to be!  Whether or not we see teeth soon is another issue.  I hope she holds off though!

She loves to have her right hand in her mouth and her left hand touching the top of her head.  I just adore it!

She is getting really good at pushing herself up during tummy time.  When I see her trying to get up on all fours, my heart literally drops!  She has been doing a "back bend" thing too while on her back.  I now have to strap her in her bouncer or she'll literally back-bend her way out of there!

We are also working on sitting!  She can do it for a few seconds at a time.  She's definitely got the "tripod" sitting thing down and can do it without her hands as well.  She prefers to stand though so the most difficult part is getting her to sit in the first place because she always locks her legs, lol!

She has started scratching this last week.  Not herself, but like the side of her bed or her exersaucer or any other hard surface.  It sounds like a little mouse!  She especially loves to do this in the morning when she wakes up but is just hanging out in her bed!

Haven has had rice cereal, oatmeal, carrots, and bananas now!  She LOVES them all!  She grabs my hand and tries to pull the spoon into her mouth faster!  And gets mad when it's all gone! :)  Bananas are her all time favorite, she goes NUTS for them! :)  Like I predicted though, orange spit up is NO fun at all!!

We also moved her up to size 3 diapers about a week ago.  Her weight qualifies her for either size 2 or size 3, but we ran out of size 2's so I tried the 3's and like them WAY better!  Just another indication that she is getting too big too fast!  Venily only ever got up to size 3's by the time she was potty trained!!

Also, she used to roll over her right shoulder to roll over from her stomach to her back, but now she is rolling over her left shoulder as well! :)  She loves to roll over stomach-to-back and back-to-stomach!  She has been rolling and rolling and rolling so much the last couple of days!  She WON'T lay still! :)

Haven continues to be a very laid back, VERY happy, very cuddly little girl!  I love her sooooo much!!!  I'm going to start playing the lottery so I can have another!! :)  I can't describe the absolute feeling of contentment and elation while holding her, especially while she's sleeping!  She's such a little doll!

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