Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The bunny

Venily was looking out the window across the street and asked, "Mommy, can I hold that bunny?"

Me:  "I don't think that's a bunny, Venily."  (it's not, just something next to the neighbor's bird feeder out in the snow)

Venily:  "Of course that's a bunny, Mommy!"

(a few seconds later)

Venily:  "Do we have any carrots that I can give him?"



  1. I have to say I am really enjoying your blog Im just after having a little boy who is almost 3 months old and I am the first out of all my friends to have a baby!He was a little unexpected and I did alot of baby researching when I was pregnant (silly things like what bottles to use, whether I was going to breastfeed) buts its not the same .Its great reading your blog just even about Haven's sleeping habits and eating etc. Just having a real baby to compare to!

  2. I'm glad I help you out! :) I read tons of different blogs of parents with children near mine's ages and I love it!