Thursday, February 25, 2010

Venily as a Baby

Oh my goodness,I was just looking at all of Venily's Videos from when she was around Haven's age!  Was she really ever that little?  I love them so much!  Haven copies us with blowing and sticking out her tongue too!  I want her to learn how to copy us opening our mouths, that is so funny!  And I can't believe how much Venily learned at 6m, it makes me really excited! :)

Haven will be 5 months tomorrow!


  1. I cant not even remember Venily as a baby watching those videos! It seems like it was so long ago! And I watched the one where Kaitlyn was seeing Landed for the first time and was laughing so hard! When you asked her what she thought of him and she said hakuna matata. lol

  2. I know, it makes me soooo sad that I can barely remember her as a baby. And I can hardly see a resemblance of her baby videos and her now!

    And Venily and I watched that video too and were laughing! haha!