Thursday, August 27, 2009

Dr. Appt- 36weeks, 1 day

My appointment went good again today!! Everything is still looking awesome. Haven's heartbeat was at 146bpm. I got my strep B test and got my internal exam. No dilation, but my cervix is soft and the doctor said that Haven's head is really low, so that's great!!! He said he expects me to go a little early since I did with Venily. I am now down to weekly appointments and go back again next week!! SERIOUSLY?! It is all coming so fast now! I also got all pre-registered with Labor & Delivery today!!!! I told Jason, "come on, let's just go upstairs and have this baby today!". He doesn't think that's funny and has been jumping at everything I say again, thinking that maybe I'm in labor, hahaha! He is so worried that he won't have our dryer hooked up before the baby is born. YES, I HAVE NOT HAD A WORKING DRYER SINCE WE MOVED INTO OUR HOUSE IN DECEMBER!!!!! And I haven't even complained about it!! I have to AIR DRY every thing I wash: socks, underwear, towels, EVERYTHING!! I can't wait to have a dryer again!

I had a dream last night that I had the baby. It was not a pleasant dream! I was walking around in my bathroom without pants on and noticed that the baby's head was already out, so I got in the bathtub and pulled her the rest of the way out (that part was fine, lol, no pain, no contractions!). But when I looked at her she was all deformed and her fingers were all fused together. It made me sick to my stomach all morning whenever I thought about it!
I hate dreams like that!


  1. Is it mandatory to pre register with labor and delivery? Does the doctor tell you to do that? Im not aware of that proceedure?!
    Wow! You have not mentioned the dryer at all! I'd be pretty annoyed with air drying everything too!

  2. I don't think you have to pre register, but I'm sure you'd want to! You're not going to want to sit there and fill out paperwork while in labor! Yeah, my doctor told me to go. You just go over to the hospital side and it's like below L&D.

    And yeah, the dryer thing is really annoying! Every load of laundry takes like 3 days to get done and I have to bring everything up and down an extra flight of stairs. (Our washer is in the basement, our clothes go on the main floor and I hang everything up in our loft on the railings!). Plus our towels feel like sandpaper even though I put in a ton of liquid fabric softener!