Wednesday, August 12, 2009

34 Weeks!

3 more weeks until I'm "full-term"!! 6 more weeks until my due date!!!

Here are my 34 week pics! As promised, I'll have weekly pics from now on... though I'm hoping to not get too much bigger... oh my gosh!!

At 34 weeks...
* I'm at 140lbs (+20lbs total gain... okay Haven you don't have to go for 2 lbs a week, 1 is plenty!)
* I am so torn between wanting this baby out (to see her, hold her, watch my girls interact with each other, and feel normal again) and keeping her in forever (b/c I still have so much I want to get done, I do love being pregnant and will miss it terribly, I'm terrified of "starting from scratch again" and things are so easy right now with Venily and that is going to be turned UPSIDE DOWN!!)!!!
* Haven is still as active as ever and I doubt she will slow down before she is here (her sister was still crazy all the way to the end!)
* I was just reading what I wrote when I was 34 weeks pregnant with Venily and things seem to be going almost exactly the same! I wrote...
As far as how I'm doing, I think I'm doing pretty well for being 34 weeks pregnant! My lower back just absolutely kills me, but other than that- no real problems! I take a nap every afternoon and wake up a couple times a night to go to the bathroom, eat, and rearrange my pillows. But, I'm extremely lucky not to have to work right now, so all of my energy can go to taking care of myself and the baby! The ticker thing on here last week said I probably have cankles, lol, I DON'T!! I don't have any swelling at all (and my rings are still falling off of my fingers). Also, I don't have ANY heartburn (I still don't even know what it feels like!) and no stretch marks (pray that it stays that way- I don't know how much bigger I can get though!).

The only differences are that I don't get a nap every day this time around (Venily's nap periods are frantic attempts to get as much done around the house as possible) and I also DO in fact work every day (24hrs a day) this time around chasing after and caring for the most beautiful, sweet, yet CRAZY child in the world! :)

*Venily was putting her baby under her shirt this morning so that she'd have a big belly like Mommy and then pushing the baby out, lol! :) She still tries to get me to push Haven out every day (actually she tells me that SHE is going to push the baby out of me, lol... she is more impatient than I am!)!

**I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow! I'm pretty sure that it's just a regular in and out appointment and then the one after that I will start getting internal exams...!!!! It's going to go very quickly now!!!!

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