Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Any suggestions?

So our neighborhood has a silly little parade every summer for the 4th of July (that lasts all of 30 seconds) and since I grew up right down the street of where I live now, we used to go every year. Well this year, people were slacking and didn't get the permits in time, etc., so we are having our "4th of July" parade this Saturday (in the middle of August, lol).

I wanted Venily to dress up. Any suggestions? The categories are pretty hard this year!

Kids with Crazy Wheels – Decorate your bikes and strollers
Kids Across America – Dress as a landmark or event from one of the 50 states
Famous American Heroes – Pick some American who has contributed to our history, e.g., Presidents, Astronauts, Musicians, Scientists

Hmmm.... yeah.... Jason wants to dress Venily as Abraham Lincoln, lol! I don't how he thinks I'm going to come up with a costume of Abraham Lincoln!?!


  1. You should dress her like albert einstein!!! lol how cute would that be! Aberham lincoln would be super cute too.I actually dont think it would be hard to do the costume for it either. But everyone would think she was a boy if you dress her up as a boy. The statue of liberty is always good, but there may be some steep compatition. haha

  2. Yeah, I'm worried it will be hot too!! And I don't know if she'll keep a beard on or anything, hahahaha, I'd have to draw it on... actually, I'd bet she'd like that! You guys will be at your mom's that day right? Maybe we can steal Kaitlyn and Matt for the parade!

  3. What time is the parade? I have to work Saturday but I dont know until what time....

  4. The kids are supposed to meet at noon and the parade starts at 12:45. It should be interesting b/c that's when Venily usually takes her nap!

  5. For the abe Lincoln or Einstein costume you could make it girly with just a vest and a skirt. Like a boys suit vest and a matching skirt. I think Einstein mostly wore sweater vests. A sweater vest, some gray halloween hair spray with teasing and a painted mustache! Maybe put a little sign on her back that says what she is?