Tuesday, July 28, 2009

32 weeks!

Here are my 32 week pics! I am going to start weekly pics at 35 weeks and am getting professional ( :) ) pics done by Jacki at around 38 weeks! Actually I had a dream the other night that I went into labor and it went too fast, so they couldn't stop it in time and I dilated to 10cm, but they didn't want me to deliver this early so I had to lay in the hospital bed, completely dilated for as long as I could. Lol, and I was so sad that Jacki hadn't taken any pregnancy pictures of me! :)

At 32 weeks...
*I'm at 136lbs (+16 lbs total gain- if I gain about a pound a week from now on, I should have about the same total gain that I did with Venily!)

*Haven is about 4 lbs and 17 inches!

*I LOVE how nice everyone is to me! :) I can't even tell you how many people I've had opening doors for me, letting me go in front of them in lines, offering to carry things for me, giving up their seats for me, etc. LOL, I usually decline things about 3 times before I finally give in though!

*Most days I feel really good, but other days I fell like my body is falling apart- especially my back!! One wrong move and I can hardly walk!

*Haven is still as feisty as ever! Sometimes I actually subconsciously yell out when she kicks super hard and I quick pull up my shirt and check on her, just to make sure she hasn't broken free or something! She's got some bony little feet and heels!

*Sleeping is difficult and requires TONS of pillows, lots of tossing and turning, and a couple bathroom breaks and snacks during the night!

*I can only eat a couple of bites of things before I start to feel sick. There just isn't any room left in there! :)

*Jason is talking about permanent/ semi-permanent birth control options for after Haven is born! He is ABSOLUTELY set on having just 2 and then adopting another down the line. I think I am too, but it still just breaks my heart to know that this is most likely my last pregnancy! (And I tried to convince him to let me be a surrogate (+I'd be making lots of money) but he said absolutely not! :(

*I started making a list of things to bring to the hospital! I'm getting excited, but kind of nervous... it will be my first night away from Venily! :(


  1. Do you want to do pics at 36 weeks instead? We could do them the week after the wedding. That way just incase you go a little earlier this time(like your dream lol) we will have got them. Plus you'll be just about as big anyways. Maybe I can curl your hair cute for them. I still am trying to think of somewhere to take them. A field would be cute. Maybe back in the hunting grounds if its not too misqueto-ey? Oh and do you need anything done to your hair before you Haven comes? color or cut?

    Isnt it funny how nice people are when you're prgnant but then its like right after you have the baby and are pushing the stroller people arent so nice anymore. They'll shut a door right on you. lol

  2. Whenever and wherever you want to do them is fine with me! Haha, I'm nervous, I hate getting pictures taken of myself! And yes, I need my hair cut BADLY and probably colored as well, though I don't know what to do with it. I can't go darker b/c I look so pale and I can't go lighter b/c our stupid rusty water will just make it bright orange!

  3. Yeah its pretty close to your natural now, so we could put some highlights in, but your right your water would just turn it orange anyways. I have a bunch of cute ideas for pictures. Dont be nervous. They'll be cute! Venily can be in some, and Jason too if he wants. I just saw a really cute pic this morning we could do with jason. I'll have to show you.

  4. Your tummy looks really tight? How do you NOT get stretch marks?! I already have a couple!

  5. My stomach IS super tight! I guess I'm just lucky (and am praying that I stay that way!). I put lotion on every day just in case that works! I know it's vain, but I would be devastated if I got stretch marks, especially since I lucked out with Venily!