Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I've been...

Putting pictures in albums!!! Finally!! I swear, I will NOT take as many pictures of Haven, lol, or I will at least not print as many! I had to literally put away and organize hundreds upon hundreds of pictures and the worst part is.... I have not printed any pictures off in OVER A YEAR!!! Yep!! July 15th, 2008 is the last time I printed off my pictures. Which means I am in a LOT of trouble! I absolutely need to get them printed off before Haven gets here!!! My sister is going to help me put together Venily's scrapbook too, which is going to take a while and my wedding scrapbook as well (yeah 3+ years later)! I also need to work on Venily's baby book!! Way too much to do...

I am happy though that I found a dresser for Haven! It's not the best, but it will work. We bought paint and painted it yesterday!! I have to go back today and get some more, b/c it didn't quite cover the whole thing! I will feel soooo much better when I have all of her 0-3m stuff all put away in drawers! I have been seriously fighting the urge to get her bassinet all set up in our room, lol, but I know that Jason will complain so I will wait until I'm at least 35 weeks to do that, haha!

We have been working on getting Venily to sleep in her own bed better and it is turning out to be a LOT of work! For some reason, she had kept coming into our bed earlier and earlier and with Haven coming, that is just NOT going to work out. Plus she is the worst person to sleep with, lol! I have been up with Venily for at least an hour or 2 every night since we started (not to mention all the times Haven wakes me up!)... I think they're trying to prepare me for what's to come... All I know is that I do not function well without my sleep! It does seem that Venily is making some progress though, so I'm hoping what we're doing is helping!

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