Saturday, December 31, 2011

Resolutions for 2012!!! So excited to get started!!!

(and things I want to do/accomplish in 2012)

1. Read 75 books {0/75 completed}

I read 100 books in 2011, so this should be a piece of cake! :)
Here is my goodreads account of the books I have read/ am reading!  I read a LOT of paranormal romance, lol, don't judge me! :)

2. Donate Blood 3 times this year {0/3 completed} 

Donated blood 3 times in 2011 as well! 

3. See a movie all by myself {0/1 completed}
 Something I've always wanted to do, but the thought of it fills me with anxiety.

 4. Attend at least 1 meeting of an adult book club! {0/1 completed}
-So excited that the January meeting is about The Hunger Games (which I love).  Jason actually talked me into going to the meeting which is towards the end of January.  I'm super nervous even though I have no idea why, lol!

5. Draw 25 pictures {0/25 completed}

I'm really hoping my little side business can help pay for Haven's preschool next year! *fingers crossed*

6.  Visit 3 new state parks I've never been to before {0/3 completed}

Can't wait for camping season!

7.  Complete at least 1 portrait painting {0/1 completed}

8.  Complete 10 crafts from pinterest (for/with children or for/by myself) {1/10 completed}

*(1) Cut up pipe cleaners in a bottle and move them around with magnets!

9.  Finish the girls' baby books!  {0/2 completed}
 For real!!!  I'm embarrassed to even write that!

10.  Have at least 3 pieces of my artwork submitted to the fair {0/3 completed}

Need to get to work reading over the rules!

11.  Workout 25 times. {0/25 completed}
 - Because that seems like a tangible goal and I'm uncertain about how much I care about being in shape.  It changes daily.  I think I would like to lose 3.5 pounds, just b/c of the scale.  I would like being in great shape, but I am in decent shape anyway so do I actually want to have to work at it?  Not sure! 25 times is a start!

12.  Make my wedding scrapbook.  {0/1 completed}

5.5 years later, I still have all of the stuff to do it, but have just never done it!

13.  Walk around the lake 15 times. (2.5 miles each time) {0/15 completed}
-Another "should be easy" tangible goal.

14.  Try 10 new recipes! {0/10 completed}
 - Super excited about this one!  We are so bored of the things we eat.  Being vegetarians (and now Jason doesn't eat soy) limits our options tremendously!  I'm excited to try new recipes b/c I hardly ever do!

15.  Go through and organize at least 5 boxes {0/5 completed}
 - I still have boxes that have not been unpacked in years and years and years!  Soooo much work!  Hopefully I'll surpass my "5 boxes" goal, haha!

And a list of random things I want to do as well (to be crossed off as done)...

16. Go horseback riding (it's been YEARS)

17. Get a professional massage (have never had one)

18. Go paddle boating (b/c I say it EVERY summer and the girls are big enough not to jump off now... hopefully, lol)

19. Go one week with no computer. (Just b/c...)

20. Take the girls to visit my dad at the cemetery. (we pass by it all the time, but I have only gone once in the last 20 years, right before I got pregnant with Venily)

21.  Paint the hallway (3 years in our house and it is still unpainted drywall w/ texture stuff on it- gross!)

22. Repaint our living room! (I cringe every time I see the huge white patches on our walls!!!)

23. Take some kind of an art class

24. Design a tattoo in honor of my girls (NOTE- I did not say GET a tattoo, lol!  That would go against my "donate blood" resolution.  And if I were to get a tattoo, it would take some serious thought! but maybe someday...)

25. Buy a lottery ticket (B/C you can't win if you never play...)

26. Create an Etsy shop.

27. Make a list of 100 things that make me happy

28. Bring the girls to the Shedd Aquarium

29.  Get dressed up and go on a date with my husband.

30. Try 3 different kinds of wine (So funny, I wrote this months ago and have now tried 3 kinds this week!  I am finding out that I am just not cut out for wine drinking, lol!  It's way too strong for me!  I will try to find something I can drink though since I haven't had a single drop of alcohol in 11 years (until this week), haha!).  So maybe I will change it to "Find something that I actually enjoy drinking"?  lol!

 And some miscellaneous stuff for 2012:

* I would like to create and implement some more structure into our routines.  We used to have a lot of structure, but it has fallen apart slowly over the year!

* I'd like to yell at the girls less.  This may go hand in hand with find ways to have less stress!  I know the kind of mom I want to be, but find that I fall short of it often. :(

* I need to make working on my marriage a priority.  I don't like to write stuff about it, but our marriage could use some definite work

* I should probably write something about saving money?  I just don't see that happening though, especially since I will have to be saving money to send Haven to preschool! :(  Maybe someday...

READY... SET... GO!!! :)


  1. Great resolutions!! :) I HATE wine. Actually, I am very picky when it comes to alcohol - I just really don't like much of it! Depending on if you like pop or not, you could try vanilla vodka with coke (It tastes like Vanilla Coke - I LOVED that stuff! lol!) Or if you like rootbeer, you could try Rootbeer vodka with rootbeer. Vodka is the only alcohol I like, because it really doesn't have much taste! :)

  2. I have some comments:
    #4 should be, participate in the discussion. Attending is the easy part.
    #14, you should get a cooking magazine subscription and cook 1 recipe out of it a month.
    #15, this is my favorite thing!
    #17, check Groupon for a good deal.
    #25, you can buy them out of a machine at the grocery store.
    #28, We've been talking about taking Noah forever but never seem to plan it.

  3. Jenn- I'm glad to know I'm not the only one, lol!

    #4- Probably not going to happen, LOL! Just showing up is going to be an accomplishment for me, haha!
    #14- I have tons of vegetarian recipe books that I've NEVER used!
    #15- I HATE going through boxes!!!!
    #17- I have tried Groupon before and don't think I understand it!
    #25- :)
    #28- I have been waiting to find a time when Mike Kotrba is home to go. He already said he'd go with us. He gets an amazing deal for anyone he goes with b/c he works for the airline.