Saturday, December 31, 2011

Haven is 2 1/4 years old!

3 more months until her half birthday, lol!!  (I LOVE half birthdays, haha!)

No clue what happened this last week, but my little Haven has ACTUALLY been whining!!!  This from the girl who I didn't think knew how to whine!  I think her last molar has been bothering her a lot.  Her finger is always back in that corner and I can feel a couple of places where little spikes of her tooth are starting to cut through.  I can't WAIT until that tooth is through- it is taking the longest out of all of them!  We have also been way off-schedule during the holidays.  Staying up HOURS past her bedtime some nights (and, of course, waking up at her normal time), skipping naps, moving around eating schedules, etc, etc.  I'm hoping to have my deliriously happy and well-behaved princess back when everything starts getting back to normal!  I might also bring her into the doctor's to check on her ears again, since I never did go back to do an ear-check after her last round of double ear infections!

As far as Haven's nasty cradle cap, that is MUCH better!  I was almost going to write that it was fixed, but after a few weeks of stopping the anti-dandruff shampoo (that stuff smells DISGUSTING!), I can see large flakes coming off again in her problem areas.  The hair is sparse in a few areas on her head, but not BALD, bald.  She did end up losing most of the hair though in the worst patches of it! :(

As far as what Haven is up to now, she has been learning her letters and is doing a great job!  We are working on upper case letter recognition, letter sounds, and how to draw the letters.  I made Montessori sandpaper letters a few months ago and those have been AWESOME!!  She already knows how to draw a bunch of capital letters from doing them.  She still needs work on her hand positioning, but she's got how to draw them down! :)  Here is a video of her drawing a few of the letters she knows how to draw:

She is always bringing me her Magnadoodle (which the other day she called her "Whiskerdoodle" and made me laugh hysterically, lol.  Then, when she realized that wasn't right she kept saying "Where is my... you know, my Doodle thing?" LOL!) and making me draw letters, people, or snowmen! :)

Other than that, we haven't been up to too much!  It has been way too cold to be outside and we don't have any money to go anywhere cool, so we are starting to get a little stir crazy!  I can't wait until our library classes start back up again!

Here is some more recent videos of Haven at Monkey Joe's.  She is so fearless, lol!

And some more recent random pictures of Haven!  You can never have too many pictures of my little Haven! :)

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