Friday, December 9, 2011

Double Ear Infection for Haven!

Jason brought Haven into the walk-in today b/c her eyes have been pink and goopy for the last 2 days.  She also has a cough and the cutest little hoarse voice you have ever heard in your life! :)  It turns out she has a double ear infection which is leading to pink-eye like symptoms as well. :(  Poor girl, she also has her last 2-year molar coming in and it is causing her problems as well!

This is ear infection #6 for Haven in her 2 years and 2 months of life (that's if I'm not forgetting any).  It has definitely been a while though since her last one.  She was prescribed Amoxicillian and after THIS wonderful experience, I am so afraid to give it to her (even though Haven was just on Amoxicillian in October w/ no problems...)

Here is her updated ear infection chart (b/c I like to stay organized, lol)-

*Single ear infection 4 months old. (given Amoxicillin)
*Double ear infection at 5 months old. (given Cefdinir)
*Double ear infection at 13 months old. (given Amoxicillin)
*Double ear infection at 16 months old. (given Cefdinir)
*Double ear infection at 17 months old.  (given Cefdinir)
*Double ear infection at 26 months old (given Amoxicillin) 

I'm hoping she gets better soon and we don't have any problems with the Amoxicillin- she is getting probiotics 2x a day as well, so hopefully no diarrhea either!)

P.S.  Haven weighed in at a chunky 31 pounds! :) (She was 29.5lbs at her 2 year check-up, even though I never can trust the walk-in...)

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