Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011!

Christmas was the best yet this year!  Each year that the girls understand more and more, the more fun it becomes!  Both girls were so excited all month long!  (I'm sad the Santa threat is over now though, lol!)

* We saw Santa a total of FOUR times this year, lol, and I was so impressed with how well my super-shy girls did!  

*We counted down the days until Santa came with Advent calenders that the girls reminded me EACH and every morning that we needed to do, lol!

* We made cool "stained-glass" gifts to give to family as presents and the girls loved doing it!  They kept asking me each day if they could make more and more, lol!

* On Xmas Eve night, the girls threw "Reindeer food" out on in the backyard that Venily had made at school.

Here is a video the girls made Xmas Eve night!

And here is the girls sleeping Xmas Eve night!

* Here are some videos of the girls opening some of their presents!

And I LOVE this one of Haven after putting on her new dance shoes!  ♥

* Santa was on a definite budget this year (as usual...), but delivered tons of smiles and pure joy with no presents over $10 under our tree.  (Well, for the girls, lol, I got a new vacuum and swiffer wet jet mop, but those were opened before Xmas and were very much a necessity rather than anything fun!).

And proof I was also present during the holiday season, lol! (Taken by Venily)

* Some of their favorite toys included:  their Happy Nappers that they have been talking about for months (buy one get one free at Walgreens on Thanksgiving day!), an RC car (that they have been fighting over, lol), lots of cool new dress up stuff including 5 new wigs! (Halloween clearance, lol).  Lots of new learning toys (Haven is on a letter kick right now).  A new camping chair b/c we hope to do LOTS of camping this year, new games, books, etc.

*  The girls had 3 different family Xmas parties and my mom and step-dad stopped over (on separate occasions, of course, lol) and they got tons of gifts each time!  They got lots of new clothes, babies, Barbies, a new camera (that takes actual pictures and videos), new earrings (I haven't changed their earrings in 2 years when they both got them pierced!- and so far, no problems!) as well as a ton of other stuff!  I desperately need to go through all of their toys yet again to make room for everything!!!

Oh, and we ended up getting lots of cool stuff to help us decorate our house.  (We've been living here for 3 years and hardly have anything up on the walls!  It is starting to come together nicely now!)

And, I almost forgot!  We got some new family members as well! :)  Three new goldfish who took over Edward's tank while he was moved to a smaller apartment since he wasn't being nice to his new friends!  Venily named 2 of the fish- "Careful" and "Puffer" and Haven named one "FishAlisha" since Alisha (and Adalein) gave them to us, haha!

I hope everyone else had a fantastic Christmas as well!!! :)

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