Friday, December 16, 2011

5 Things For Friday!

(Stolen from my friend Jenn at Not Your Typical Family!)  :)

Just a weekly Friday thing where I talk about 5 things!

1.) Venily has been a reading machine lately!!!  She's been doing amazing!  We read to a German Shephard/Chow mix dog at the library on Monday and she did really good!  She's usually afraid of big dogs, but she loved Buster!  Haven even read to him (Venily whispered the words to Haven and then Haven would say them out loud, lol).  The girls thought it was great!  Venily has 12 BOB books from the library that she carries around with her all around the house and is constantly reading to anyone who will sit still long enough, haha.  She even brings them to bed with her! ;)  Yesterday morning she asked me "Can you turn off the t.v. so I can read?".  Yep, that's my girl! :)

(Don't worry, the dog was super nice, just looks mean in the pictures, lol!)

2.   We got an RV.  Yep, that's right!  Jason says he "upgraded" our pop-up. I would disagree, I love the pop-up!  Both are '76's, lol.  And the RV needs some definite work.  But it DOES have a bathroom w/ toilet and shower and an awesome, new refrigerator w/ freezer.  It's roomier too, but less beds and less storage space.  And the kids and I can run around in it while we drive (which I have very mixed feelings about).  We'll see come Spring...

3.  I signed Venily up for her 3rd session of dance (though it doesn't start until the end of March).  She had no interest in trying baseball or soccer again.  I wish they offered more classes in the winter/spring classes, but I'm excited for her to be in dance again.  She loves it so much!  I also signed up for a Couponing class!!!!  It's only a one-time 2 hour class, but I'm really excited!

4.  Haven has been really into writing lately.  There are a couple of letters that she writes really well now and she also blew my mind by showing me a person she drew.  Complete with head, body, arms, legs, eyes, nose, mouth, and belly button.  I didn't even know she knew how to do that!  I thought Venily did it, but they both insisted Haven did.  So I erased it and had her draw me another one, and sure enough, she did it (again and again and again, lol!).  And she drew some that were super details.  Toes on the feet, ears with earrings, etc, lol!
(This was the first one she did :)  )

5.)  I broke our main laptop. :(  I downloaded something so that I could watch videos on Facebook (they had stopped showing up) and downloaded a virus with it.  I had TOLD Jason to help me fix it like 5 times before I did it myself, so I blame him entirely!  We have 2 other computers (Jason's laptop and our t.v. computer), but I hate both of them.  They won't even let me see this page properly.

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